Figurines home wu Qingdao office personal tour to promote development of cultural undertakings

by:Ennas      2020-05-29
Core tip: Chinese contemporary famous statuette wu beyond time and space, mind and soul. Recently, understands from figurine institute of China, Qingdao branch, courtyard and Qingdao city planning bureau jointly organized by China figurine of 'the Chinese contemporary famous statuette, wu beyond time and space, mind and soul. Recently, understands from figurine institute of China, Qingdao branch, by China figurine institute and Qingdao city planning bureau, jointly organized by 'wen xin cast soul - — Wu figurine art domestic tour & # 8226; Qingdao China figurine pavilion 'exhibition in figurines on November 16 grand garden, this is this year following the' insects awaken the & # 8226; Spring rain 'figurines home after the exhibition of contemporary China, in the small garden, small statues statue pavilion and high level art exhibitions, also is the city in recent years, one of the few high-profile art event. It is reported, this exhibition contains three parts, covering nearly 30 years to create wu nearly 60 pieces of classic classic masterpiece, among them: the first part is the wu created over the years has made an outstanding contribution to the Chinese and the world civilization and culture of the cultural giant statue, include the 'nature and humanity & # 8226; Lao zi ', 'lofty mountains the & # 8226; Confucius ', 'beyond time and space of dialogue & # 8226; Italian artists leonardo Da Vinci and Chinese painter qi baishi ', 'China discovered the world & # 8226; Navigator zheng he ', 'the lone cloud alone to spare the & # 8226; Lin Fengmian 'and other small statues, intended to show their connotation and deep humanistic spirit; The second part, the mother of children with include 'China girl', 'the mother and child', 'the small basket', 'the braid girl', 'sing a folk song' and so on small statue, eulogized beauty lies deep in the human heart; The third part of the Japanese invaders to reflect the nanjing massacre of Chinese sculpture works, figurines to let people remember history, forget the hatred, to express the sincere wish of peace. These figurines, many in the last year of a combination of both, Rome, Italy on display in the exhibition, by u. n. secretary-general ban ki-moon, the 11th CPPCC national committee jia qinglin, chairman of the high praise, these works are for the first time in Qingdao, is a fine arts. Exhibition renewal for 1 month, until the end of December 16, opportunity is rare, not to be missed. Information about wu, currently he is member of the CPPCC national committee, the standing committee of the China democratic league central, culture, director of China federation of the party committees make committee, national director of the center for the study of contemporary art, Chinese art research institute, director of the institute of fine arts, Chinese figurines court President, national city figurines construction steering committee director and artistic director, deputy director of the committee. Its commitment to small statues with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese brand of Chinese culture, advocate let city landmark figurines become 'beautiful' Chinese culture, to promote China figurine art big development, great prosperity and tireless continuously towards the world. At the beginning of 2012, as a China figurine courtyard dean wu, accept the invitation of the government of Qingdao, the Qingdao small statue figurine institute of China, Qingdao branch, garden, the cooperative project joint operation management of Qingdao sculpture garden, small statues, jointly promote Qingdao figurine art prosperity and development. Since January 12, 2012, formally founded figurine institute of China, Qingdao branch, wu to green for many times, through the 'art of cultural construction in Qingdao and figurines' academic BBS, exposition 2014 Qingdao international contest of figurines, Qingdao China figurine art museum lecture hall and other activities, active in Qingdao urban planning and public art construction, to promote the cultural development of Qingdao city and enhance the connotation of Qingdao art taste and made a positive contribution. The 'wen xin cast soul - — Wu figurine art domestic tour & # 8226; Qingdao China figurine pavilion exhibition 'as the 2013 Qingdao figurines garden pavilion' figurines dot eyeball beautiful Qingdao 'an important part of the art exhibition, is wu implement China figurine institute will Qingdao small sculpture garden, small statue hall into a' you can see, you can listen to, can communicate dynamic public cultural space 'the promise of important measures, is also the Qingdao municipal party committee, municipal government about' recovered figurines, figurines pavilion artistic function, make figurines home 'direction on the full support. Hope that through this exhibition, let the Qingdao people's spiritual and cultural life in a healthy at the same time, to drive the island city cultural undertakings development, great prosperity, for the people and the international, new situation to lay a solid foundation for the future of modern culture.
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