Figurines home He E rate 'gan ning green Mongolian army' exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-10-04
Core tip: 'harmony', gansu He E 'carved gourd' in lanzhou, gansu Wen Yan, NiuWeiJun the old cavity, gansu muston, the northwest gansu Du Yong for the decisive battle in China, gansu, Aaron 'harmony', gansu He E 'carved gourd' in lanzhou, gansu Wen Yan, NiuWeiJun the old cavity, gansu muston, the northwest gansu Du Yong for the decisive battle in China, gansu, Aaron report from our correspondent ( Chief reporter LeiYuan) On September 25 in the afternoon, the Shanghai city small statue committee office, the Shanghai huangpu district government, organized by artists association, gansu province association of artists association of Inner Mongolia, ningxia hui autonomous region, such as co-host of the 15th 'Shanghai nanjing road figurines invitational exhibition and northwest figurine art exhibition' in nanjing road May 30th square began. Home famous statuette He E western gansu, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, qinghai, led four provinces of 52 figurines home and 55 pieces will be at nanjing road. According to introducing, has successfully held the fourteenth session of the 'Shanghai nanjing road figurines invitational exhibition' and has become a Shanghai flow figurine art display platform, every year there are all kinds of Chinese and foreign figurine works to the nanjing road to display. 'Let the little statue art and the general public zero distance' is a significant characteristic in nanjing road Shanghai figurines invitational exhibition, it aims to show for the figurine art provides a good platform for the display, boost figurines home, at the same time, also let figurine art known by the broader public. He E figurines home famous as the 'northwest' to achieve the biggest driving force, for months, she is hard-working, contact the relevant departments to mobilize around figurines, actively participate in, and the job of the selected works. He E said, in the event of 55 pieces, gansu exhibition number 'half', to 28 pieces, among which, many figurines are attended the statuettes show for the first time. 'For many young figurines, often don't know where to find such a platform, this time, I rely on He E figurine institute this carrier, voluntary service to make such an exhibition activities, thinking we gansu figurines home especially for inspiring the creation of the young people, to make our figurines, step by step, also go out go farther. 'He E said. Readings show the southeast northwest China national academies figurine institute executive President yun-gang Chen famous statuette Mr He E hard-working, with great enthusiasm for the 15th Shanghai nanjing road statuettes show contact, collect, the selected from gansu, Inner Mongolia, ningxia, qinghai and other four provinces figurines, dozens of small sculpture, and the phone told me to write a small text, this is a kind of trust to me, not delay. Geomorphic features of northwest gobi desert, it is desolate, vast, but it is the grandeur of the grand sunvo! For a long time, northwest China's title will be to 'marry' call, in that there are both pride and admiration. Desolate hidden behind the infinite vitality, is at the end of the desert oasis. Indeed reflect the northwest China in the spirit of the land. But the vast northwest China was not culture and art of desert land. Prairie culture, the upper reaches of the Yellow River civilization, and the silk road culture and art heritage, leaving a large number of painted pottery culture, grassland stone carving, large amount of heritage, such as grotto murals embody the land once brilliant! With the spread and popularization of modern and contemporary culture and art, hundred years, all kinds of talents, many 'support northwest China construction' as early as in the early years of the nineteenth century were coming towards and rooted in the northwest, and strive for decades, or life, their remarkable achievement. The same is true in the field of small statue. Review, copying, protection the sages are not in the way of northwest art heritage; Especially in recent decades, more and more young figurines, rise and based on the growth in the northwest plateau of si. The inclusion of many figurines, works, represents the overall condition of the northwest figurines and best level. Gansu province is a big province fine arts. Not only is rich in painted pottery, more like copper benma, dunhuang grottoes, such as national ancient heritage, more like Mr He E figurines home silent and cultivated the cultivation of early China, to create 'Yellow River mother' of the famous works, and has nearly ten years, a group of prominent new figurines, they came together, work together to career to struggle for western China figurine. In gansu province, selected works, Mr He E 'harmony' is a famous work, a good performance under the qilian mountain yugur, Tibetan folk live in harmony, work style, plain form full enrichment, both the traditional technique, and with western characteristics. Other the rest of the fish, such as JinLe LeiXingFu elves plateau, the qinghai-tibet plateau of Liu Ji, Luo Daikui 'national', 'old cavity' muston, Shao Xuan 'waiting', Aaron the decisive battle in China, Xu Yuexiang 'gannan grassland, Yang Yuhui' wu meaning ', Yao Lansheng 'dunhuang rhyme', Mr. Zheng's 'cloud to clothes take to let' and so on, are wide-ranging, style diversity. This is the work of gansu province was selected. Because gansu itself has a long history, profound, and is more minority population, so, the diversity of cultural and academic pursuit directivity is broad and abundant. ( This article have abridged)
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