Figurine collecting art how anti-counterfeiting _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: since last year, on small sculpture collection way, a lot of collectors to buy small sculptor works directly. Or by buying gallery. Currently on small sculpture price was so low, it is widely favored since last year, on small sculpture collection way, a lot of collectors to buy small sculptor works directly. Or by buying gallery. Current frame small sculpture especially low prices, people generally optimistic about the frame on small sculpture collection. But how to prevent buy fakes, prevent fraud become collectors and issues of common concern to the sculptor. Small sculpture replication easy. Through the way of making copy works for small sculpture factory mechanic is easy. They can turn almost the same. The only thing that can restrict illegal copying of copyright law only. But counterfeiters for money and interest will regardless of anything. In accordance with the international prevailing practice commonly, small sculptor I copy works within ten is regarded as the original. Can't more than ten as the original sale. And small sculptor in selling small sculpture should be to collect a promise this one casting or forging a few pieces of small sculpture. Usually marked by the third of the 'ten', that is to say, this small sculpture is always used for making ten pieces, this one is sold by a third. Also have a few points ( The total for a few of which) 。 All things are different, but basically the same. Small sculptor I also can undertake less of replication, such as five pieces, such as pieces of eight. Small sculptor works slowly. A piece of work done is less a few months, more than a year, or even years. So most of the small sculptor works throughout his life. Like m open LangZhe luo, mayor, Boolean del's museum work. Rodin want to some more, but a lot of the story is very small. Domestic colleges and universities the number of small famous sculptor works usually twenty or thirty pieces, however, also have some more, but not much more, and often includes some small stories. This is why the international prevailing practice copy small sculptor himself within ten pieces of works as the original. Now the question is: for without little sculptor licensed copy how to identify and eliminate. The small sculpture and collectors have begun to focus on this problem. Common practice is on the bronze casting, or other material with a metal pen to sign, or write down a few points. Also has a sign on the wax mold. But this does not solve the problem of illegally copied by making way. Double system can be turned over and work together with the signature to a t. Some collectors stone and wood can't reproduce. In fact wood carving, stone carving is also can copy. Also copy by small sculptor himself within ten pieces of wood carving, stone carving as the original. Woodcarving copy each piece may vary, but it is also the same. So is there any way to prevent fraud and illegal copying? I thought that some overseas galleries of practice is worth using for reference. They purchased from small sculptor works usually require small sculptor sign a collection certificate. Certificate attached products name, qualitative material, size, pictures. This piece of work belongs to a few of which, the purchase date, finally the author signature, and the author fingerprints or seal. A small sculpture a ShouCangZheng. This certificate to fraud is difficult. I think we can sign the certificate to collect people's name, if can continue to resell. With little sculpture. It's like to collect stamp in the history of ancient Chinese painting. So, ShouCangZheng like small sculptures of archives, context clear. In addition, small sculptors in casting and turn the work pay attention to sign the contract, set forth the relationship of copyright permission. Casting and turned over to complete at the same time to destroy mode, turned over and don't stay more a small sculpture. To prevent illegal copying and forgery is a small sculptor and collector should work together. Friends may have a better idea. I write this is a topic!
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