Feng Guibao clay sculpture art _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core clew: walked into his room, I saw his series of a group of normal mud clay sculpture works to his hand, don't have a meal of kung fu, lifelike, lifelike figures is generated. Walked into his room, I saw him a series of a group of normal mud clay sculpture works to his hand, don't have a meal of kung fu, lifelike, lifelike figures is generated. He is not a master, it's just a farmer - — — Linfen YaoDou jin village, the villagers Feng Guibao yao temple town. Sacred YaoDou side a sensitivity to the farmer, he put the YaoDou clay sculpture performance of magic. At noon a xia Yang main people in Feng Guibao farm small courtyard, the 16 years of folk artists was interviewed by the author. At the beginning of last century 60 s, Feng Guibao home soil after junior high school graduation. With talented, he taught himself to small sculpture design, while the land becoming, for decades, are now in a series of clay sculpture treasures. Feng Guibao underground jin village close to the fen river, the birth of his family's house in fenhe shore. He is resting in fen river goes, regiment Fen grew up the mud in the river, he told the fen river, especially Fen river beds in the cement layer has a special liking. Like many peasant children, childhood small your favorite play mud, with Feng Guibao words is called 'play mud'. When I was a child of your insurance play mud is playing very level, generally children pinched the clay figurine, just have arms and legs, eyes, nose like a man, and your insurance pinch out of clay figurine, shape not only, also. He pinched the clay figurine everyone like alive. A childhood friend of his told the author: when I was a child your molded out of clay figurine, is stood, was sitting, smile a smile, there was a look cry cry. Although has been more than 50 years ago, the friend of old childhood memories your pee 'rogue' bao pinch is still smile from ear to ear. Another old said: 'when I was a child, your insurance kneading kitten, dog, often made us with his pinch the puppy barked and is called'. Walked into his room, I saw the Feng Guibao series of clay sculpture works. Each one is lifelike. Even more fascinating is the 'two old theatergoers' clay sculpture, weng Yu, the old man theatergoers, bare arms, must have been fascinated by which the plot in the play, because the older, not make ears, so he craned forward to hang on, face the preoccupied, could look inspired people to extrapolate, how wonderful it is a drama? Then look at the woman, be sure it is eyesight fails, or, what did she want to the right hand with stalk cover the sun, left hand holding leading crutches, leaned forward as far as possible, and seems to be walked onto the stage to see see. And is among the Feng Guibao masterpiece is his clay sculpture 'drum rhyme'. This work exhibition now in yao temple in guang yun temple yaodi imperial palace. Feng Guibao home also holds a set of original 'drum rhyme', let us admire. Dancers drum charm infatuated, riding on his father, the son of drum with gusto concept, follow grandma's grandson occupied the dominant position, a pick up. Talk about 'drum rhyme' of the creative process, Feng Guibao restrain excited. He said: 'that is the Lantern Festival in 2000, I went to yao temple festival, temple fairs people mountain people sea, forests down a peg or two drums, sound knock on my heart, is very serious matter. I see see power and prestige gongs action for fear of the son's father have a son in the shoulder, a grandma hold the grandchild over the head in drum of the crowd, but a little girl stepped on the two boys to me shoulder to watch for the emotional, I deeply in the mind of this situation. Back home, I how to put the idea in the heart of this exciting scenes with the clay sculpture reappear. As a chill, in order not to make the mud to freeze, especially in mud and I add a little salt, just start writing, a dissatisfied, broke, and plastic out are not satisfied with a broke again and again until your satisfaction. I am convinced that a successful works of art, want to move yourself first, touched not oneself how to move? Show the beauty of 'Feng Guibao clay sculpture works, without any affectation, beauty so calmly. An artist after a high said, 'beauty in vivid 牎 beauty let a person want to scream. 'When it comes to the creation of future plans, Feng Guibao proudly said:' I want to be in three years to complete set of 50 emperor YaoGenZu culture of traditional stories, 150 stories, 25 groups of classical four great classics, 25 groups of the folk fairy tale characters. To finish these works in 2008 years ago, a gift from the Beijing Olympic Games. ”
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