Feelings: Once the honor is like a toy, you can only play and can't take it too seriously

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

My friend visited Mrs. Curie’s house and found that the 'toy' her youngest daughter was playing with was actually a gold medal just awarded to Mrs. Curie by the Royal Society. So my friend asked in surprise: 'Madam, it is a very high honor to receive a Royal Society medal. How can you give it to your children?' Mrs. Curie smiled and said, 'I want the children to grow up. I know that the former honor is like a toy. You can only play with it, and you must not take it too seriously.” Mrs. Curie told us that for the achievements that have been achieved, there should be a child’s mentality of playing with toys: first, surprise and excitement. After three minutes of freshness have passed, it's time to put it down!
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