Features: with contemporary art show real - — Remember the Norwich art exhibition

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: attend in Norwich city east of England 'China, China, China! ! ! 'Contemporary art of 18 Chinese contemporary artists to attend with realistic style to show a true in Norwich city east of England at the' China, China, China! ! ! 'Contemporary art of 18 Chinese contemporary artist tries to show a real China in a realistic style. Art exhibition was held on May 3, 10 solstice this month. One art curator zhen-hua li said on a media preview in 5: 'the exhibited works are very close to life and reality, behind every works there is a heavy story. 'Art is made up of three style very different parts, the curators, respectively is the founder of Beijing art laboratory zhen-hua li, guangzhou vitamin art space Jacky and colorful art center in Shanghai, head of the founder, italians soybeans. The three curators cooperation for 10 years, participating artists are rooted in the Chinese mainland, is also the participants of international art stage. They through small statues, paintings, photographs, films and new media, the audience into a high-speed development of Chinese society. Zhen-hua li curator part is to explore the theme of the common cultural roots and between different groups such as the archaeology of multiple part is the statue of genghis khan will be used for communication between different civilizations in the symbol. Jacky selected works reflect the world of Chinese society and culture in the high speed development of era, such as fei with movie 'I,' the mirror to explore a utopian society online. Music a fluent Chinese soybean documentary '40 + 4 art can't! Is far from enough 'interviewed 40 artists in Shanghai, and to record the importance of they artist in modern Chinese society, the relationship between artists and the public, the impact of the international art market for art production answer, lively and interesting. British sainsbury visual arts center display department manager Amanda, geithner said 'we can for 'China, China, China! ! ! 'art to Britain felt very happy. China has become the focus of the international community for existing time. The selected works is not limited to those in the west is currently popular artists, hoping to thought-provoking exhibition. ”
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