FBI warns children that internet-connected toys may leak personal privacy

by:Ennas      2022-01-06
According to a British Reuters report on July 18, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning to parents on the 17th that children’s online toys may leak privacy and pose security risks.   The FBI stated in a warning on its website that these toys may contain some parts or functions, such as microphones, cameras, GPS, data storage and voice recognition, which may reveal personal information. Normal conversations with toys may reveal information such as the child’s name, school, likes and dislikes, and activities involved. Tod Beardsley, the research director of the cybersecurity company Rapid7, said in a telephone interview: I think this is the first time the FBI has issued such a warning. Many people think the FBI is a government agency, so this Doing so will definitely increase people's awareness of the risks of connected toys.  Smart toys and entertainment devices are becoming more and more popular because they combine technologies that learn and adjust behavior based on user interaction.   In February of this year, Germany banned the sale and possession of a doll named Kayla produced by American toy company Genesis Toys, saying that the risk of hacking was related to the doll. The German Federal Network Administration advises parents who have purchased the doll for their children to destroy it. (Internship Compiler: Li Qian Reviewer: Tan Liya)   Keywords: Toys Leaked Online trademark registration is 799 yuan, how to apply for a patent? Shanghu China, trademark and patent registration is no longer difficult
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