'Father of Snoopy China' Ma Leshan died of illness and made more than 30,000 toys in his life

by:Ennas      2021-12-01

The day before yesterday, Ma Leshan, a world-class hand model master known as the 'Father of Snoopy ChinaMa Leshan was born in a prominent family in 1927. His brother Ma Shaolian is the director of Sincere Company (one of the four major department stores in Shanghai). Ma Leshan liked to squeeze dolls since he was a child. When he was in his 20s, he came to Hong Kong alone and entered the Hong Kong branch of the world's fourth largest toy manufacturer Max Toys Factory, where he specialized in hand models in the model department. In the 1970s, Snoopy began to be made into various toys. An American toy company prepared to produce Snoopy-shaped soaps. It took six months to make Snoopy comic author Charles Schultz not satisfied. The company found Ma Leshan, but it only took him half a day to make a model, which shocked the company's staff. When Schultz saw Ma Leshan's hand model, he praised it. He believed that the model was 95% similar to his Snoopy. He specifically explained that all hand models made by Ma Leshan do not need to be modified and can be directly made into models. Since then, cartoon stars such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the Pooh, Aladdin have come to visit, and Ma Leshan has gradually become a world-class cartoon master. However, facing the title of 'artist'I don't admit that I am an artist. I'm just a craftsman. The craftsman must listen to the boss. I will be the most satisfying.' Ma Leshan printed such a sentence on his business card. In 1986, Ma Leshan, who had lived and worked in Hong Kong for decades, returned to the Shayong Ancestral House in the Southern District of Zhongshan City. After returning home, Ma Leshan wondered how to bring back his cartoon babies. 'Since moving slowly in 1986, there are now more than 100,000 pieces in the Zhongshan Ancestral House.' Ma Leshan told reporters at the Shenzhen Animation Festival in July last year, 'I will carry two items almost every weekend. Big bags travel between Hong Kong and Zhongshan. In this way, like an ant moving house, the cartoon dolls I made over the past few decades have been moved back to Zhongshan and placed in the ancestral house.' Ma Leshan said, this is his cartoon Wang Guo, he hopes to show all the cartoon dolls to people perfectly, so that they can enjoy the innocence. Li Jianming is one of Ma Leshan's few apprentices. Speaking of Master Ma Leshan, Li Jianming used four words 'strict, serious, optimistic, and innocent' to summarize Ma Leshan in work and life. 'The one thing that touched me the most was that because I was particularly interested in cartoon models, one night I made a model at one or two in the morning, and other colleagues left, but Mr. Ma has been with me and guided me. 'Me.' Li Jianming said, 'I remember Teacher Ma said to me at the time,'I'll be with you, and you'll be with me. We are all very interested in this (making cartoon models).' Ma Leshan, born in 1927, 1958 Hong Kong Max Toys Co., one of the world’s four largest toy companies, began to make cartoon dolls. More than half of the “Snoopy” plastic toy hand models in the world are made by him. There are more than 30,000 kinds of plastic toys. They are called “Snoopy China father'.
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