Fashionable elderly toy shops flourish in Japan

by:Ennas      2021-11-09
Elderly people also like toys. This is not uncommon. Now there are toy shops in Japan that sell toys for the elderly. How about it? Very fashionable, right?   vstone has developed a small robot dorero toy that can do gymnastics. Dorero looks like a raccoon dog. It can do gymnastics that help relieve the joint pain of the elderly. It can also say words of encouragement after hard work. The elderly activity center will also use toys to prevent dementia.   Japanese retirees over 60 years old are the wealthy class. They have 880 trillion yen out of the 1,476 trillion yen in total assets. To this end, the children's products industry is strengthening marketing activities for grandparents.   In Japan, toys for the elderly have also come out one after another. The toy company wiz and the medical company have developed a doll called the smile-increasing robot, which is now on sale. Old people can talk to this kind of robot, and the robot will answer the old people in a variety of words. It is a kind of smart toy. This toy can say 400 words, which can enhance the communication skills of the elderly.
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