Famous statuette home Zhang Yangen new bennington college in the United States especially Stan gallery

by:Ennas      2021-10-06
Core tip: @ plan unit recently, at the invitation of the university of bennington, famous statuette home Zhang Yangen new: 'China dialogue: @ plan barked,' line '' bennington college in the United States, especially danmei @ plan unit recently, at the invitation of the university of bennington, famous statuette home Zhang Yangen new:' China dialogue: @ plan barked, 'line' 'bennington college in the United States especially Stan gallery. This activity by the Beijing museum of modern art curator international curators millet Mr Zhuang, bennington college professor Jon planning in the United States. @ plan device via Zhang Yangen scene produced for two weeks, 'China dialogue: @ plan barked,' line '' to appear in front of bennington college teachers and students, work seems to be a device, but it is a public, interactivity, conceptual strong contemporary integrated media art. Main material works for China and the United States of collecting hundreds of pieces of clothing art colleges, freedom to participate in the activities of the art of Chinese and American students donated clothing, and leave your Email and photo, random combination these clothes in the United States the spot, the donor's photos are arranged in a line, become the organic element of his works, so an ordinary individual private content has been reactivated, landscape constitute the era, gives a new meaning. Audience 'line' as we have learned, @ plan in addition to plastic aesthetic design, the concept of implant, thinking of excitation and the spirit of volunteerism, form is also very bold, avant-garde, work is interesting and experimental. Works in yunus, Dan gallery scene produced, combining art atmosphere and environment, impromptu improvement on the original idea and created again, in the process of the exhibition dancer body art intervention, seemingly extraterrestrials, action moves the audience in the visual space, excitation yue the psychological space. Device implanted with the sound, the audience live in interactive touch works, and works of creative compatibility of sweet voices, like touch to the living organism and itching and huan. At the same time, the audience as a part of the works of art. The art form of the rich to the scene is full of mystery and surprise, let the audience feel the charm of art and touches. Reading @ plan about 'line', the artist Zhang Yangen said: 'line - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The image of the phase of lenovo, phase is abstract, line was quoted, and the abstract representations, works in line for modelling element, the line ( Physical form) And the dancers ( Body language) , and sound, Improvisational music) , with The Times' @ 'symbols form linear field, build about you, I, in his time in the' phenomenon 'thinking. Explore the Internet era of rapid excavation cannot themselves, virtual and reality of social development, transparent and chaos, with the real dis-guised, the relationship between time and space. Explore the infinite line in the form of artistic sublimation cable shape, infinite phase. 'It is reported that this exhibition is a superior cooperation, cross-border marriage. Device modelling by guangxi arts college professor, famous statuette home Zhang Yangen creator, again with the United States bennington college teachers, famous modern dance artist Mr Dai Jian and his students body art clever intervention, bennington, together with the famous university professor of vocal music, sound artist, but the voice of the fusion, makes the work length, combined synergies. In The activity, American bennington college professor speech: The opening for The collaboration was incredIble, The atmosphere was electric. 安装之间的交互。 声音和运动的舞者是难以置信的。 ( Open collaboration is incredibly exciting atmosphere. The interaction between the device, sound and movement of the dancers are incredibly beautiful. ) Zhang Yangen, guangxi arts college professor, famous statuette, its small sculpture works are collected and placed in the domestic cities with five continents in the world many national parks and green space. Scenery line dancers body art interventional voice interactive audience 'touch' line sound in the audience 'bullet' line cooperation team members enthusiasm of the audience related video:
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