Factors affecting the service life of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures and their daily maintenance

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
We all know that the characteristic of FRP sculpture is its long service life. For FRP sculpture, it affects its life. In addition to our daily maintenance work, when manufacturing, the materials and molding molds used have their lifespan. It also has a great impact. The following Beijing FRP sculpture manufacturers will introduce to you the factors that affect the service life of FRP sculptures and their daily maintenance. First, the factors affecting the service life of FRP sculptures 1. The effect of FRP sculptures on FRP sculptures The preservation time has a great influence. First of all, in the modeling design, if the complexity is too high and the details are too much, it will affect the preservation time of the later FRP sculptures. Secondly, some small manufacturers, the modeling is not rigorous, and they do not use computer lofting or 3D. Sculpting in the form of modeling, looking for cheap temporary workers from guerrillas, insufficient understanding of sculpture, insufficient digestion of customer and product requirements, resulting in imbalance of proportions, large discrepancies between modeling and drawings, resulting in unqualified sculpture products. 2. Mold making on FRP The preservation time of the sculpture is also very important: the traditional method of dividing the model into the model is quick to seek benefits, and there is no standard method for product modelling, and the model is freely divided, which causes the FRP sculpture to destroy the details during the molding process. If there are obvious discrepancies, a standard mold making plan should be formulated, and the workshop should be standardized to implement the standard. In the early stage, the production team must thoroughly digest the core parts of the product, and understand the customer's use and requirements. 3. The choice of raw material resin and the preservation time of FRP sculptures Play a particularly important role: Generally, cheap glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures are made of cheap materials and contracted artificially, which causes the product to crack, fragile, and have many bubbles. The service life is based on the selection of international or local first-line brand materials. 4. The internal structure of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture plays a vital role in the preservation time of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture: traditional glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture production methods rarely add internal structure or support to the product. Or the support is not professional enough, regardless of the bearing capacity of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture itself and the life of the product for internal support, the steel structure plan should be formulated within the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture according to the use of the product and the easily damaged parts, and the schematic diagram of the steel structure should be drawn to the workshop for standard construction. Honeycomb wood plywood can be used, and the special-shaped parts should be bent steel pipes and then welded with glass fiber to make a fixed connection with the inside of the product. 5. Surface polishing and repairing make the preservation time of FRP sculptures longer: the embryo body is not polished in place, and the surface is dirty or yellow wax treatment The lack of thoroughness results in the layering, cracking, and shedding of putty and FRP products in the later stage. The surface repair is not detailed enough, the time is not enough, the surface is uneven, there are sand holes, and even the dead corners are not repaired. The product quality is greatly reduced. The process is also a key step in cost. The surface repair is not delicate enough and the labor cost is lower. After the surface treatment is meticulous, the cost of the product directly rises. Primer: The workshop-style method is a primer or even no primer. Just don’t do the primer) The primer is sprayed and repaired two to three times repeatedly, and then you can check whether the product details are in place. Putty: Special putty for automobiles or glass fiber reinforced plastics should be used for repair. Water milling: More than 90% of the factories in the country do not carry out the water milling process, because everyone has not considered the reduction of fine particles on the surface of the product after water milling, and the surface is changed in the spray paint It is delicate, and it is also convenient for quality inspection to check details during the later inspection. After all this is done, pass the quality inspection and pass the quality inspection and then enter the paint shop later. 6. Surface paint can not only extend the storage time of FRP sculptures, but also make FRP sculptures. The bright colors of the sculptures are more durable: paint selection: most factories use furniture paint, PU paint, indoor paint and outdoor use are falsely claiming to be car paint, can not stand the test of time: color fading, white yellowing, paint cracking, peeling series The problem is exposed. Second, the daily cleaning and maintenance of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures 1. Daily cleaning is very important: we all know that the thing to clean clothes is water, but due to the particularity of the resin material, when such crafts have dust on them, they cannot be used. Wipe with a damp cloth, because the moisture that penetrates into the resin will destroy the resin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry cotton cloth or a feather duster to wipe off the dust on the resin crafts. Environmental cleaning: the construction site should be cleaned daily. Waste resin and objects are disposed of in time; flying Dust and production debris sticking to the wet resin will affect the quality of the product. Mold cleaning: clean the surface of the mold before use, and rinse it repeatedly with detergent and water (do not use detergents such as acetone that can dissolve the resin), To make the glass fiber reinforced plastic achieve the mirror effect, all dust, particles, and oil stains on the mold surface should be removed. Tool cleaning: The production tools should be cleaned by special personnel, which is convenient for operation and avoids cause. Falling particles, mud and dust, etc., will affect the quality of FRP during production. 2. Regular polishing: After a period of time, the gloss of FRP sculptures is not as good as before. You can use a brush to apply the polishing wax to the surface of the FRP sculpture, and wipe it with a rag Just polish it. 3. The storage location should be correct: FRP sculptures are more afraid of sun exposure, so they must not be placed in direct sunlight, otherwise they may cause cracks over time. In addition, it should be noted that this type of FRP sculptures It is also not suitable to be placed in extremely humid places, because in a very humid environment, some resins will grow hair and mold due to the material. The above is an introduction to the factors that affect the service life of FRP sculptures and their daily maintenance. I hope that Help you.
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