Exported goods encounter 'growth troubles' due to quality and safety issues

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

Recently, the construction of Tianchang City’s Export Toy Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone passed the provincial examination and acceptance. This move will not only effectively promote the transformation and development of the city's toy industry, but also make useful explorations in the establishment of a new type of export industrial product inspection and supervision model in our province, improving product quality and enhancing trade convenience.   toys are traditional export light industrial products of our province. The plush toy production companies are mainly concentrated in Tianchang City, and have formed a toy production cluster with local characteristics that is quite influential in the country. However, most of the toy companies in the city are small in scale, low in technology, lack of brands, and the quality of goods is uneven. In addition, they lack methods to deal with foreign technical trade measures. Some export goods have been notified or returned abroad due to quality and safety issues, and they have encountered 'growth troubles.' . In order to break the bottleneck, on the basis of the successful establishment of Shucheng Export Children’s Car Product Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone last year, our province has fully launched the construction of Tianchang Export Toy Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone this year, carrying out technical assistance, opening a government announcement service platform, and establishing a sound Demonstration zone quality and safety control system, training of quality development outlines and technical regulations and standards, etc., and business such as certificate of origin, national pre-shipment inspection certificate of inter-governmental agreement, etc. in Tianchang Office of Provincial Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Each ticket can be an enterprise It saves more than 100 yuan in indirect costs and reduces the time for issuance by 2 working days.   With the establishment of the Export Toy Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone, there are currently more than 400 toy companies in Tianchang City, and 70 companies have obtained export toy product quality licenses. Most of these 70 toy export companies have passed the quality and safety standards certification of the United States, the European Union and other countries and organizations. In 2013, the city's toy exports reached 220 million US dollars, accounting for more than 85% of the same industry in the province. From January to October this year, the export value of enterprises in the Tianchang Toy Demonstration Zone increased by more than 28% year-on-year, a record high, and there were no notifications, recalls and returns. During the establishment of the demonstration zone, the city's classified management has cultivated a total of 2 second-class enterprises to be upgraded to first-class enterprises and 7 third-class enterprises to be upgraded to second-class enterprises. At present, the first batch of 24 companies have passed the strict entry barriers to enter the zone.
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