Explosive toys are coming! Baby Ricky appeared at the C position of the International Toys and Educational Products Exhibition!

by:Ennas      2022-02-07
From March 30 to April 1, the 33rd International Toys and Educational Products (Shenzhen) Exhibition was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the most influential exhibitions in the toy industry, hundreds of thousands of children's toys and educational products gather here to showcase the new trends in the global toy industry! Baby Ricky and the authorized party, international toy manufacturer Kimbill and FOOD Union Fuyou United Foods jointly appeared at the exhibition, attracting a large number of fans to check in and immerse themselves in the unique charm of Baby Ricky. The popularity of the event site was soaring, and many fan families came to the exclusive booth of Baby Richie early to check in. The naive baby Ricky elements refurbished the booth. The airy baby Ricky puppets jumped to and fro with the cheerful theme song music, waiting to take a photo with the tourists. The most popular on the scene is undoubtedly the peripheral toys jointly created by Baby Ricky and Kimbill. These exquisitely crafted Qizhi toys have attracted many Internet celebrity anchors, including Zifu and Miss Peanut, to call Baby Ricky in the live broadcast rooms of Douyin and Video. It is understood that these toys are not only made of environmentally friendly materials and of high quality, but also carefully customized in terms of structure and function, forming a perfect linkage with the animation of 'Baby Ricky' to meet the developmental needs of the baby's simulation practice after watching the movie. Little Nezha from Lulujiang, the mother and child parenting blogger on Weibo, and Rachel, the mother and child life blogger from Xiaohongshu, also came. They revealed that the whole family is a loyal fan of Baby Ricky, and they agree with the animation of 'Baby Ricky'. The educational philosophy conveyed in Not only did they try out a variety of Baby Ricky's peripheral toys on the spot, they also took close photos with Baby Ricky dolls, and simultaneously released the highlights of the exhibition on the Xiaohongshu and Weibo platforms, recommending Ricky to more people. Baby! In the past few years after entering the Chinese market, the enlightenment early childhood animation 'Ricky BabyLove, the entire network has been viewed more than 6.67 billion times in February this year, and it is considered to be the most suitable first cartoon for babies to watch. Ms. Sun Fangyuan, CEO of Fun Union, the copyright of Baby Ricky cartoons, revealed to the media that besides cartoons, the parenting concepts conveyed by Baby Ricky are well received by the new generation of Chinese parents who value education. The total number of fans of Ricky's self-media matrix has exceeded 540,000. Among them, [email protected]. Dr. Cicada Xia and child health experts from major hospitals have opened a number of columns to discuss hot topics such as children’s growth, nutrition and health, and solve problems for fans and parents; it has been less than a year to enter Douyin, #瑞奇宝宝#The topic of Douyin has been played 34.125 million times. Its three Douyin accounts: @[email Protected]@瑞奇乐学园. With its high-quality content, it has been topped by enthusiastic fans on multiple parent-child topic lists, and its influence continues to ferment; on Weibo, #瑞奇宝宝#Topic has been read more than 50 million times. Since the beginning of this year, the animation of 'Baby Ricky' has been unearthed by such Weibo mother and baby KOLs such as Maoermaomao. As loyal fans of Baby Ricky's animation, they spontaneously show the treasure to fans of Amway Animation. In this process, Baby Ricky is also known to more young parents born in the 80s and 90s. Mr. Tang Chengzheng, a partner of Baby Richie and the managing director of Jinbeier, a well-known toy manufacturing company, said at the exhibition that Baby Richie’s peripheral products and toys are very popular in the Chinese market. This is in line with the advanced educational concepts and cooperation incorporated in product design. Both parties have inseparable requirements for ultra-high quality products. Each Ricky baby toy integrates entertainment and education functions, and is matched with different styles of toy scenes, from Ricky Baby Happy Forest Park, happy rotating slides, to enlightenment rattles, learning to run sports cars, etc. The children can't put it down, and the parents are very happy to let Ricky's baby toys accompany their children to grow up. Encouraged by this, Gambier is also continuing to develop new products. At present, there are new products such as Ricky Baby Bath Salt Balls, which are designed to help children develop good hygiene habits, and are expected to meet with you soon.
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