Experts commented on what facilities kindergartens need. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition has everything!

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

Autumn every year is the golden period for kindergarten admission. Before their baby enters the kindergarten, every parent must have high expectations and requirements for the material environment of the kindergarten, and they have also devoted themselves to research. In this regard, appropriate reference can be made to the opinions of authoritative experts. Zhou Jing, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Pre-school Education, East China Normal University, recently pointed out that high-quality kindergarten education material environment assessment focuses on three aspects. The first is to protect the health and safety of young children, including adding access control safety monitoring systems, attaching importance to children’s nap and dining in the kindergarten, adding equipment to prevent infectious diseases, and purchasing play aids that meet the standards and have safety parameters, and so on. The second is to promote children's learning and development. Including sufficient regional space and game toys and materials, toys and learning purpose-based planning and display, the activity room is equipped with adequate and appropriate picture book resources, etc. The third is to create positive interpersonal relationships. Including the neat and reasonable layout of the activity area, the establishment of an activity area for parent participation, and so on. In fact, the above three dimensions or principles are the focus of attention of the majority of kindergarten and playground operators from the perspective of user experience. In today's era of sharing economy and platform economy, if a single purchase of these facilities or equipment is not an easy task, it is obviously OUT. From October 21st to 23rd, 2020, the 4th China International Preschool Education and Equipment Exhibition (CPE for short, CPE for short) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. You can come to CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition to meet the needs of users for one-stop procurement, quick docking, efficient and convenient. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition is hosted by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, a national industry association established in 1986, and is a high-end early childhood education exhibition approved by the Ministry of Commerce. CPE positions 'internationalization, branding and specializationIn 2020, CTE China Toy Fair, CKE Baby u0026 Kids Fair and CLE China Authorized Fair will be held at the same time. It is expected that there will be 2700 exhibitors and 5000+ brands will gather in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibition area of u200bu200b230,000 square meters. In the post-epidemic era, with the restart of the economy, the exhibition will inject unprecedented momentum and vitality into the preschool education industry. From the perspective of the exhibited products, the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition has a full range of product categories, covering all types of preschool education, from hardware resources such as teaching toys, furniture, amusement equipment, lawn mats, garden clothing and quilts to preschool education courses, picture books, teacher training, etc. These products cover all the software and hardware systems required for the operation of the kindergarten, meet the differentiated needs of different markets, regions, and audiences, provide the most intuitive latest product design and quality display, and meet the purchase needs of buyers. From the perspective of participating brands, there will be more than 100 international brands from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, such as Lego Education, guide craft, Play-Doh, HABA, etc., and domestic industry leaders such as Watsonway and Qise Hua, Yonglang, Kaiqi, Yucai, Qitele, Qiaoqiao, Yuhe, Baole, Yehao and others led the appearance. During the CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition, the organizer set up a preschool education business matchmaking meeting to provide precise services. At the same time, the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition is on the same stage as the CTE China Toy Fair, CKE Baby and Child Exhibition, and CLE China Authorized Exhibition, which has more business opportunities. During the epidemic this year, the organizers also opened the '365 Cloud Exhibition' platform to help brand manufacturers and purchasers efficiently connect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to create a CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition that never closes. At present, the buyer's pre-registration is still in progress. Log on to the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition registration page (http://suo.im/5ZJBBZ) and click to sign up to quickly register. The green channel goes directly to the venue. According to your own real-time needs, you can connect at home and abroad. Brand, grasp the latest and hottest information and products in the industry.
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