Executive director of the association of jiangsu province figurines home hualong treasure, a professor at the exhibition of works of art

by:Ennas      2021-08-16
Core tip: hualong treasure exhibition of fine arts in the morning of 10 gallery opening day on April 28, 'hualong treasure art exhibition' in 10 gallery opening. Figurines of jiangsu province association secretary-general ShangRong carving on behalf of the provincial association hualong treasure exhibition of fine arts in the morning of 10 gallery opening day on April 28, 'hualong treasure art exhibition' in 10 gallery opening. Jiangsu figurines home association secretary general ShangRong carving on behalf of the provincial association to congratulate and delivered a speech. Huaian, deputy secretary of municipal party committee propaganda department of the chairman of the federation Zhang Yimin, 10 county party committee and minister of the propaganda department of ruby chang and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Province figurines home association secretary-general ShangRong attend and address the province carving ShangRong association secretary general said in his speech to: jiangsu figurines goes back to ancient times, 'jiangshan leave sights everywhere! ' Liu Kaiqu, slippery Tian You, Xiong Bingming, Qian Shaowu, ShengYang, wu and other masters, jung pick the star chi. Mr Slide Tian You is huaiyin, the representative of contemporary figurine art wu, this is his second home. This piece of land also has 'nature and humanity - — Lao zi ', 'zhou enlai' won the national urban small achievement award of classic small city sculpture, statue of huaian is culture and art important positions. We are under the leadership of the provincial federation of last year, with the support of social from all walks of life, formed the figurines home association of jiangsu province, jiangsu figurines, had my own home, developing rapidly in the past year, with the good momentum! In the just-concluded '2015 jiangsu figurines month' series of exhibitions, huaian small statues of young workers has achieved good results, have produced many excellent works. The teacher is our senior, elders art workers, smashing, educate, decades of success. Sincerely hope that friends of huaian, especially youth figurines,, in China, under the guidance of teacher development, new achievements continuously. Association will continue to be under the leadership of the provincial federation, under the association colleagues work together, for the majority of figurines workers to provide a broad stage, enjoy your wonderful performance. Congratulations on 'hualong treasure of fine arts exhibition' a complete success! Hualong professor treasure to introduce the leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony to exhibit at province carving association, standing director professor hualong treasure myself from your busy schedule to all of you to show my sincere thanks! Assigned to huaian since 1982, has been job creation more than 30 years. Huaian beautiful landscape scenery, thick cultural history and has become the hot real life artistic creation of source, brings countless inspiration and enlightenment. Professor side water and soil to nourish the hualong treasure figurines and painting art. The exhibition is to respond to implement the general secretary xi in literary and art workers symposium speech spirit, the art to around the base and implementing measures. , nearly 10 years, said professor hualong treasure huaian art career development, local a batch of new art, with an unyielding, rapid growth. Huaian art team growing, at all levels of each kind of art continuously made outstanding achievements, to huaian win the honor. Sincerely hope that fine arts colleagues' efforts, and constantly scale new heights. Hualong professor bao figurine works ( A) This exhibition exhibits the hualong professor bao dozens of pieces of art works, including different periods figurines, a historical figure topics such as MAO zedong 'zhou' and the 'dunhuang protector Chang Shuhong writer wang zeng-qi etc, also has the performance of local people' xi 'torre' 'old opera fan' and so on, and performance of modern and contemporary life style small sculpture. Professor exhibition also exhibited hualong treasure dozens of ink painting works, and small sculpture art set each other off becomes an interest, bring out the best in each other. Hualong professor bao figurine works ( 2) Hualong professor bao paintings
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