Everything is really 'not' good

by:Ennas      2021-12-12

Have you all watched the 'Lego Movie' shared by the editor before? (You can enter V008 to view) Have you learned how to hum the brainwashing divine song 'Everything Is Awesome' (Everything Is Awesome!)? Did you buy another Lego toy in your home? Today I want to share with you the short film 'Everything is NOT Awesome' reproduced with Lego toys. The film is a video released by the public welfare organization Greenpeace for the Arctic Protection Project. The film is aimed at the Lego toy company that is cooperating with Shell Petroleum, which is destroying the Arctic. To create a lovely Arctic ecological environment with toy dolls and props produced by Lego, this beautiful and fragile Arctic marine environment has been damaged by oil drilling. Greenpeace hopes that through the dissemination of this video, it appeals and requires Lego Toys to reconsider its partnership with Shell and stop selling blocks and toys with the Shell mark! 'Everything is NOT Awesome' (everything is really 'not' beautiful) This short film was produced by the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award) award winner Don't Panic advertising company, the company's creative director Richard Beer said: 'We like it Lego, that’s why we are particularly sad when we see Lego being used by Shell to advertise to children. I hope our film will resonate and capture the kind of heartache-our most exquisite toy is used to Polluting children’s dreams.” However, Shell Oil announced that they will continue to invest in oil drilling in the Arctic. If a crude oil spill occurs in the Arctic, the homes and habitats of millions of people in the entire Arctic Circle will pay a huge amount. At the price, it will be thousands of times more difficult to clear the crude oil spills in the Arctic Circle than the spills in warm waters, and there is a potential threat to climate change from drilling crude oil! Lego represents vitality and creativity, and children love to use the possibilities given by Lego to build the infinite imagination and possibilities in their minds. This is just the right time to be drawn by Shell to cover up its chaos and destruction. Greenpeace calls on supporters all over the world to ask Lego to stop cooperation with Shell: for the children, for the Arctic, and for our future! I Dream of the Arctic (there are appeals from children from all over the world!)
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