Everyone ridicules the year of the horse

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

There will be 'objects' right away. Is it the wish of many people for the Year of the Horse?    Christmas is here, can New Year's Day be far behind? The coming of the Year of the Horse makes many people look forward to the new year. Recently, many people on the Internet have posted photos of 'getting money right awayIt was so fun, so a large wave of 'getting money right away' came surging, netizens ridiculed, it is estimated that horse toys will sell crazy!    In addition to putting money on horsebacks, netizens quickly made new games. Tricks. Some people subvert the image of the horse, some people lay down the horse and put money on it. The homonym 'I will have money right away.' With the arrival of the enthusiasm for creation, various kinds of 'wear gold immediately' and 'order immediately (egg)' Surging. Netizen duman47 drew a cartoon with a pair of baby elephants on the horse’s back. He said that rather than getting rich right away, he hoped that he could 'have an object right away.
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