[图文][图文]European scooter king-Jdbug landed in Guangzhou

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

As the first exhibition of toys in mainland China-the 23rd Guangzhou International Toys and Model Exhibition officially kicked High-quality toy companies show their talents. This year, especially Jin Ge Iron Armor, the battle is very fierce. Among them, the European king of scooters, Jdbug, with its three overseas popular products, is even more conspicuous. Air Surfer MS180---Alternative Surfer As the number one brand of scooters in Europe, Air Surfer is one of the important gifts for Jdbug's debut. This is a product that combines the design of skateboards and scooters. The innovative design is designed to allow every skateboarder to experience the veritable fun of air surfing. Air Surfer is suitable for skateboarders over 8 years old. Its skateboard design abandons the well-defined straight lines, and the arc-shaped design always reminds people of surfboards, and can't help but want to step on it to ride the wind and waves. And when you actually step on it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this design not only gives your feet a larger landing space, but also gives users a fresher and more exciting skateboarding experience: they no longer need one foot. Sliding on the ground, as long as you keep twisting the front and rear feet, you can easily slide forward and enjoy the 'off-the-ground' alternative sliding fun; sliding without foot support is inevitably wobbly, and the feeling of imbalance is always shocking. Standing on top of the waves, the main axis between the feet promptly guides users to discover its existence, allowing them to enjoy the alternative 'surfing' pleasure in a dynamically balanced slide. Training Bike TC09---The mystery of the IF winners During the exhibition, Jdbug, this strange-looking mini bike, almost everyone can't help but be attracted by it and stop for it. This product named 'Training Bike' is specially designed by Jdbug for children over three years old. With its innovative and humanized design, it won the German IF Design Award in 2011 and won the unanimous recognition of the international toy industry. It is known as a child The partner of choice for growth. Compared with the common children's bicycles in China, the spherical head tube and the integrated frame shape design of Training Bike, as well as the 'Seven-Star Ladybug' lying quietly on the body and seat, are easier to catch the children first. Their eyes arouse their desire to own; and the detachable pedals, combined with the height-adjustable seat and the combined design of discarding the auxiliary wheels on both sides of the rear wheel, can allow children to 'foot on the ground' under the safety protection. Ride it to your heart's content. Let the children start from the left foot and right foot on the ground, and become more and more proficient in sliding on the ground with both feet to master the balance skills of riding; when the children’s sense of balance reaches a certain level, then install Stepping on the pedals allows them to quickly master the pedaling skills with the help of skilled balancing techniques, learn to ride a bike easily and naturally, and enjoy the journey of sailing brought to them by the Training Bike. Pro MS108(C) ---The hidden skater has decades of industry experience, and Jdbug, which sits firmly on the No.1 throne in the European scooter industry, is naturally a professional player in its debut gift. Pro MS108(C) is a meeting gift offered by Jdbug for domestic professional players. This extreme sports version of Pro MS108(C), abandoning the usual colorfulness of skateboarding, using a large area of u200bu200bmonotone, coupled with the usual ink splashing technique in the art world, so that he can feel it even if he is standing quietly in the corner. The infinite energy in the silence makes it hard to underestimate its strength and charm. You know, in Europe where skateboarding is popular, Pro MS108(C) has almost become the first choice of professional players. Because this hidden skater, whether it is the speed of sliding or the height of the jump, makes many similar products can only be expected; and the innovative handle design can achieve 360-degree rotation in the sky jump, creating More dazzling dynamic special effects, while feasting the eyes of onlookers, but also satisfying the players' pursuit of excitement, and sliding out a different and cool scenery for everyone.
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