Erotic metaphor & have spent more India's national treasures hidden in figurines reproduction worship _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: ancient Indian polo dynasty ( 750-1150) With chola ( 846-1279) — — Chinese equivalent of the tang dynasty - — They used to be the ancient tantric Buddhism in India and the Hindu gods made ancient Indian polo dynasty ( 750-1150) With chola ( 846-1279) — — Chinese equivalent of the tang dynasty - — They used to be ancient Indian buddhist tantric statues and Hindu gods two center. Especially found in bihar nalanda monastery near patna, 18 pieces of bronze, put China in the tang dynasty monk xuan zang together. More than 1300 years ago, tang's monk xuan zang starting from the ancient capital of changan, make appears and reach India, studying in the nalanda monastery for 5 years. From 1197 to 1203, nalanda monastery destroyed by BingZai. Hundreds of years later, it was not until the 19th century, archaeologists only according to the work of xuan zang made the ancient city of nalanda. Now locally, and a modelled on the pattern of Chinese temples built the Chinese buddhist temple, chinese-style building and cooperation between the two countries ─ ─ xuan zang memorial hall. Today the nalanda temple site unearthed bronze statue on display for the first time come to China, as China and India are two ancient civilization has a long history in the cultural exchange history. Bronze statues of ancient India is often a symbol of mythology, religion and philosophy of metaphor, strring with the spirit of the gods. Bronze statues of India's traditional very long, can be traced back to about 2500 to 1500 b. c. Indus bronze statue of a small 'dancer' of The Times. In the 6th century BC 9 ~ after the rise of the brahmans ( The Hindu predecessor) , Buddhism, and jainism, provides the ancient Indian art including bronze statues of the eternal theme. India in the middle ages, 7 to 13 century AD) India bronze statues reached peak. Of the three major art with very different religious art in China. Many are full of erotic human figurines, as if the viewer into an erotic atmosphere of India - — The wife carrying with sitting on a lotus blooming in the shiva, as if to tell the world that god is not necessarily 'six quiet'; The most memorable is the three in the Hindu god shiva, one of the image, he has many incarnations, carrying out damage and reproductive in two kinds of power. Nataraja shiva third insight iii the fate in the Hindu buddhist scriptures, shiva, wearing a crown 'flame', are two dominate damage and reproductive power of god, have three eyes and four arms. At the age of hard practice, in the Himalayan mountains he learn dance, two dance creator become soft, after is considered a 'list'. When he danced, three eyes open, respectively, insight into the past, present, and future; Four arm gently stretch, the former two arms Hindu typical gesture, two hands respectively after the tabour and flame. Hook: this is the list of shiva shiva statue in the 'list of' posture of typical works, it is thought to be India shiva statue art in one of the richest mysticism philosophical works of art. In this small statue, the dancing of shiva is score is very beautiful, he gently lifted his left foot, right leg is independent of the flame ring, foot a little, show the 'time' the conqueror, the flame ring is a symbol of the generation, storage, rebirth cycle of destruction. Small French sculptor rodin once put south Indian chola statue 'nataraja shiva' known as 'the art of rhythmic movement of' the most perfect performance. The list of shiva in India has many versions, the exhibition of 'list of shiva' made in India in the 12th century south Indian chola period, size is 105 * 83 * 33 cubic centimeter, now in Calcutta, India's museum. Genital into cobra this is referred to as tile du, shiva image is of Paramount tribal process of outstanding works. Look from down to up, you will find the a plate of snake winding up the male genitalia. Eyes, beard and auspicious marks on my forehead is die-casting wavy. Ear lobes with two faces as ornaments. Head west Bengal and Nepal mountain people commonly used hat. In the head with five cable head pocket god. According to expert introduction, literature and history of Lord shiva is ever changing expert ', because he has two principal, destruction and reproductive and he runs, people most worship to him, he is the embodiment of the playful tricks. Shiva is one of the most obvious characteristics, that is, in a cobra. This work will not avoid sex, reproduction worship open express, and Chinese religious taboo to talk about sex, a bowl. God of fever stretch six arm calculation germs in vajrayana buddhist images of science, some symbol of the epidemic disease such as god. Eastern and western regions in India, Bangladesh, orissa and gujarat worship the Hindu goddess tara, as by people worship god of smallpox. Hook: another s late male god is jie (rush watts The god of fever) Or jay navarre sula ( Heat illness) 。 The god six arm, stretch along the horizontal direction, is some kind of like when calculating the germs of gestures. Three legs, head, nine orders. No specific zen mantra to his worship. The fever of the god of dark blue or black in color black. He often head Dai Bao crown, and wear ornaments, and a tiger. Around the edge of the coastal areas of west Bengal in the south township 24 areas, every spring came very popular worship of the god. Located in diamond harbour dony barak village, there is the god in a temple. Which is the god of the fever chun jie metal statue from the city of Calcutta. Tire reminiscent of the 19 th-century Calcutta squire use cotton country hat.
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