Epoxy resin handicraft production

by:Ennas      2021-10-14
With the rapid development of ethylene industry as well as the advance of China's manufacturing sector, epoxy resin also gradually from at the beginning of new product development to the present the requirements phase, although the speed is slower than the household articles for use such a few, but it also slowly began to popular demand trend in saturated state, now the era of the demand for high quality resin related products really are numerous, thereby industry boom slowly coming toward life, especially in the arts and crafts production of this industry. A variety of forms. Curing is convenient. Choose a variety of different curing agent, epoxy resin system can almost cured at 0 ~ 180 ℃ temperature range. Strong adhesive force. Epoxy resin molecular chain in the existence of the inherent polar hydroxyl and ether bond, make its have the very high adhesion strength of various substances. During the curing reaction of epoxy resin of low contractility, produced by the internal stress is small, it also helps to improve the adhesion strength. Low contractility. Mechanical properties. After curing system of epoxy resin with excellent mechanical properties. Electric properties. Chemical stability. Dimensional stability. Mildew resistance.
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