Enter the very prosperous industry in the UAE-toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

When it comes to the UAE, the word that comes to mind almost everyone is oil. Of course, in addition to the 'luxury' place in people's impression, there is no lack of 'childlike innocence' here. It is understood that toys are a very prosperous industry in the UAE. According to recent reports from foreign media, according to Euromonitor’s latest report, the current toy game market in the UAE has reached US$1 billion.  According to the report, the total retail sales of the UAE toy and game industry in 2014 reached 686 million U.S. dollars, of which the retail sales of traditional toys was 355 million U.S. dollars, and the sales of video game software and hardware accounted for 331 million U.S. dollars.   The report stated that the retail sales of the toy and game industry in the UAE is expected to grow by 11% in 2015 to reach US$762 million. We all know that the UAE’s disposable income is high, and the country’s shopping malls are full of toy stores, so this data is very convincing.   The spending on toys and games per capita in the UAE is US$80, which is higher than that of Japan, Spain and Italy. For international toy manufacturers who want to expand into the Gulf market, the UAE is becoming a major position. However, the price of toys in the UAE is very high. According to Vanja, a Swedish mother consumer in the UAE, “Lego toys here are too expensive, almost twice as expensive as in Sweden.” She said that almost all her foreign friends buy toys online because they are cheaper.   The toy industry is a big market, attracting many bookstores who are also 'several jobs' and sell books and toys at the same time.  It is estimated that by 2019, the retail sales of traditional toys and video games will reach 1.06 billion U.S. dollars. The number of newborns and the development of the young working population have promoted the growth of the toy and game industry. The report also shows that retail stores are increasing in malls and communities in the UAE, and people's demand for toys and games will only increase.   It is understood that WildPlanet, a manufacturer of plush toys, is preparing to enter the UAE market. Pedro Kleinsteuber, WildPlanet's export manager, said the company plans to launch 70 new products in the Middle East market. 'Stuffed toys are very popular in the Middle East market, especially in the UAE. Tourists can buy stuffed toys that are easy to take home here.' Supermarkets and physical stores in shopping malls are the main sales channels for toy games, and retailers have also increased their support. Investment in online retail channels to meet the needs of consumers for online search and comparison.  So which toys are popular here? It is understood that movie-related products are very popular. The shop assistant said that when 'Frozen' was released, toys related to the movie were very popular.   Among traditional toys, Hot Wheels toys are still very popular. Dora toy sales are not very good, Baez doll is almost out of date. The sales of Barbie dolls are good. FisherPrice's toys are very popular. DIY game components, painting tools and puzzles are also very popular.   The related products of the Russian cartoon 'Masha and the Bear' are very popular.
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