'Emperor Qianlong's Toy Box'-Duobaoge

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

I thought that only children had toy boxes, but the emperor also had a 'toy box'. Emperor Qianlong's 'toy box' was so exquisite that people were stunned. A square box with a length of 30.5cm, a width of 30.3cm and a height of 16.5cm, how many treasures can be placed in it? The answer is 47. These rare boxes should be accurately said to be the Qing Qianlong red sandalwood cloud dragon pattern multi-baoge box, one of the dozens of Qing palace multi-baoge boxes collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Duobaoge is known as the 'Emperor's Toy BoxIn the unbroken time, people can experience the fun of hide-and-seek as a child, and every search may bring new surprises. Although Duobaoge is nicknamed 'the emperor's toy boxIn fact, the richness of content contained in Duobaoge can be described as 'up and down five thousand years, and one hundred thousand li from east to west'. The emperor was very interested in Duobaoge, not only because the treasures in the collection are of great value, but more importantly, the design of these Dubaoge brought the word 'smart' into full play. By accurately calculating the volume, the craftsmen will create a space that varies horizontally and vertically, unevenly, and jaggedly within the grid. When you open it, you can see that there are different sizes of treasures in different spaces, which are tightly fitted, without wasting an inch of space; once closed, it is an ordinary box that cannot be more regular. From the appearance, it is impossible to see that there is such a thing hidden in the box. The layered design of the inner layer of Duobaoge makes some of the opening and closing mechanisms hidden in the lower layer of the object, just like a game, only by picking up things can 'break through'. It is said that some cleverly designed multi-bamboo grids can make people even know that there are treasures in the grid, in the drawer or next to the partition, but if they can't find the mechanism, they can't get it. The 'Cleaning Documents of the Office of the House of Internal Affairs' shows that Emperor Qianlong was very interested in Dubaoge, and he participated in the process of designing and placing some treasures. According to the archives, the emperor in the 9th year of Qianlong asked the construction office to show him the unfinished Dubaoge that was being assembled every five days. Once, a batch of drawers containing jadeware in Duobaoge were in a mess, and the box was hoped to be presented with a few days of grace, but the emperor who couldn't wait to refuse this request was rejected. It can be seen that Emperor Qianlong was very interested in Duobaoge.
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