Elementary school students use 'Flintstone' as a toy in search of excitement

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

China Jiangsu Net, January 2nd. Recently, citizen Ms. Zhang called our newspaper’s hotline 8687700 to reflect: I saw a group of primary school students near a primary school in the urban area playing with flintstones, 'The collision sound is particularly loud. Strange smell.” She said that the safety of flint and steel is in doubt and should not be sold to children. One yuan a dollar, the children played enthusiastically, reporters came to visit several elementary schools in the urban area. 'One for a dollar, it sells very well.' In front of a small shop near the experimental school, when a reporter asked if there were flintstones for sale, the shopkeeper took out a carton full of flintstones to choose at will. The whole body of the flint in the box is dark green, the size of litchi, and it smells of strong gunpowder. There are about fifteen or six flint in a box. The shopkeeper took out two stones to collide with each other to demonstrate, making a harsh 'kaka' gunpowder bursting sound. As the strength of the impact increases, the sound increases accordingly, and even a faint fire light can be seen, and the air is filled with strong gunpowder. The smell of burning. 'This box is not broken, all are good.' The shopkeeper showed reporters several empty boxes that had been sold out. The reporter bought 2 Flintstones at a price of 2 yuan, and found that there was no packaging and any three-guarantee certificates. Afterwards, the reporter visited the small shops around Dapu Primary School and Experimental Primary School and found that there were flint and steel for sale. A private owner revealed that because of the low price, this kind of irritating 'toys' is favored by many elementary school students, and they are very enthusiastic. .' The reporter interviewed several elementary school students at random. 'It's fun, but the smell is too unpleasant.' A fifth-grade boy said. The flint is unpleasant and the voice is still loud. The girls will hide away. Is the smell of flint and steel poisonous? Will putting it in a school bag bring an explosion hazard? Is there a production shelf life? When the reporter asked these questions to several shops selling flint and steel, the shops hesitated. During the interview yesterday, the reporter happened to meet Miss Chen who was buying flint and steel for his nephew. 'This is the toy he asked for by name.' Miss Chen said, and her nephew went home and made a fuss to buy flint and steel. More parents refuse to let their children play this. Grandma Wang, whose grandson is in the second grade, said that her grandson also clamored to buy this two days ago, but for safety reasons, she did not agree to the child's request. The teacher also cares, but it is difficult to stop the teacher Zhang Bei of the West Campus of Taizhou Dapu Central Primary School. The school prohibits students from buying lottery, gambling, and dangerous products from nearby stalls and shops. Flintstones are typical dangerous toys. . Zhang Bei said that they taught their classmates to supervise each other and hand in such dangerous items to teachers or parents in time, but the children played secretly and it was difficult for the school to stop them. Some parents say that as long as there is one child in the class, it will lead a group of children to play, and the teacher will definitely not be able to control it. All parents should unanimously prohibit their children from playing, so that it is possible to eliminate such dangerous toys.
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