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by:Ennas      2022-01-10
Manman Zhiji is an early education toy with a shared recycling model that selects millions of big-name toys. According to the different developmental stages of the child, it is equipped with early education toys with different themes. All can easily and effectively high-quality early education at home. Manman Zhiji will be officially launched in June 2021. It is a children's toy rental platform. The platform adopts a membership system, and users can purchase VIP members through the Manmanzhiji Mini Program: Membership rights are diversified: annual card single and double pieces, second card single and double pieces; toy categories are more abundant, major brands (Lego, Mattel, Haizhi Bao, Hape, Bandai, VTech, Logic Dog, etc.) high-quality toys. Each product we choose is full of creative imagination. It not only enlightens children's voice recognition, color recognition, and shape recognition, but also improves children's sensory coordination, left brain graphics, right brain graphics, and left brains. Common sense, right-brain common sense, left-brain logic, left-brain mathematics, right-brain space, right-brain memory, etc., with the help of parents, arouse children’s curiosity and explore children’s imagination, so that children’s innovative consciousness will sprout in each Every moment in life. Lego large amusement park building block toys are suitable for the age range of 2-5 years old Recommended reason: safety design, inspire creativity and imagination, cultivate growth skills, suitable for small hands, improve: cognitive ability: understand the different play facilities in the playground , Accumulate your baby’s knowledge base; motor skills: strengthen your baby’s hands-on and motor coordination skills by assembling each amusement device; creative ability: let your imagination fly and change particle combinations, and build a variety of gameplay to stimulate your baby’s creativity; social skills: cute language Communicate, cultivate your baby’s communication skills in a rich play experience; recommended play: the front and back illustrations of the package. Fisher-Price Six-sided Box + Smart Play Baby Learning Table Explore educational baby toys Applicable age range 6 months-3 years old Recommended reason: Choose different modes at different growth stages, the difficulty and content gradually increase, and the learning fun doubles at the same time; Applicable month Age 6-12M, Phase 1: Exploring and cognition: Baby taps and flicks different buttons, interacts with sound and light, stimulates baby's curiosity, and elementary enlightenment; Applicable month age: 12-18M, Phase 2: Encourage imitation: Encourage your baby to sing, count, learn to play the piano, open and close the door, and interact with your baby to guide conscious learning; Applicable months: 18M+, Phase 3: Role-playing: enrich the props and stimulate the baby's imagination to play Having fun, enlightenment learning is more interesting. Fun tricks to play, cultivate multiple thinking abilities: colorful English letters and various shapes, stimulate the curiosity of the baby, use the brain to think and remember actively. Sensory ability: interesting sound effects and detailed design attract baby's attention, promote auditory and visual development, and cultivate concentration; motor ability: open and close warehouse door, analog phone, attract babies to imitate adults to dial, move fingers, and exercise hands flexibility. Recommended ways to play: Press the keys to listen to beautiful music, press the buttons or tap the scroll wheel to simulate a phone call between mom and dad. The peekaboo barn door can be closed or opened, three play modes, switch on the light or the barn door. Magformers Magformers Ferris wheel magnetic sheet blocks suitable age 3 years old + recommended reason: Magformers is not only a toy, but also an educational tool, six methods, with different combinations, increase sensory development, cultivate spatial imagination, exercise logic Thinking ability stimulates creativity and arouses curiosity. Instant conversion from 2D to 3D to cultivate spatial imagination: Unlike traditional superimposed toys such as building blocks, magnetic films allow children to witness the transition from 2D to 3D with their own eyes and cultivate children's spatial imagination; instantly transform shapes and exercise logical thinking Ability: Compared with the step-by-step stacking of building blocks, the magnetic sheet can instantly change the shape. Every time a child converts a figure into another figure, it can help strengthen the child's logical thinking ability; multiple combinations, stimulate creativity: through different combinations of connections The magnetic film to make geometric figures and special shapes, so as to cultivate children's unlimited imagination and creativity. Recommended gameplay: Combine, fold, pull up, roll, transform, surround, visually present the three-dimensional space, and develop children's brain power in 3D. These are representative toys of the brand. More educational toys can be selected after the official release of the Manman Zhiji applet. Manman Zhiji has solved the problem of expensive toys for babies looking at picture books and piles of useless toys at home. , And we also have staff manual inspection, multiple disinfection, which greatly eliminates the baby’s health hazards. The round-trip free shipping makes it more convenient to borrow and play. With these advantages, they pay attention to the baby’s growth and care about the baby’s health. What are you waiting for?
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