Education and fun, interactive experience toy carnival, come to Beijing to play the Expo in July

by:Ennas      2021-11-23

On July 12-15, 2018, the only toy carnival in China-China Play Expo-Beijing Station (abbreviated as: Beijing Play Expo) will be grandly opened in the Agricultural Exhibition Hall. More than 200 high-quality toy brands from all over the world hit the screen, and toy competition experience activities are rich and colorful. Parents and children aged 0-12 experience the concept of “education through fun”, “efficient companionship”, and “capacity improvement” in the interaction of toys. Enjoy the unique toy experience feast. Come to play in the Expo and experience the value of “education through fun” of toys. Playing with toys is a child’s nature and an instinctive and necessary part of the child’s growth process. Parents and children playing with toys is one of the effective ways to cultivate parent-child relationships. Beijing Play Fair integrates 'entertainment, sports, animation, parent-child' and other elements, attracting more than 200 well-known toy brands from more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad, including Barbie, Pelto, Hot Wheels, Lego, Transformers, Nerf, Sile, Crayola, Yinhui, Hape, Audi Double Diamond, Xinghui, Kerr Doll, Muwan Family, Bangbao, etc. Let children compete together, guide children and parents to play together, and promote the relationship between different families. Communicate with each other to experience and discover the value of “education through fun” of toys. Come to play expo to enhance the six essential abilities of children's growth. Beijing play expo gathers tens of thousands of new toys with different materials, play methods and functions from around the world, which can improve children’s cognitive ability, communication ability, creativity, emotional expression, and athletic ability. Six abilities, such as 'Social skillsOn the scene, Barbie dolls and Sember family role-playing toys allow children to think ingeniously and subtly exercise communication, expression and emotional expression skills; Lego, Hape, and Bangbao building blocks allow babies to interact with each other to develop visual, auditory, tactile abilities and attention Power and memory; the most variety is DIY toys, Le Cube, etc. can enhance children's logical thinking ability, imagination and creativity; for gifted children, Yinhui technology and competition toys are provided to enhance children’s self-confidence. , Social skills; In addition, there are toys such as Uber riding and sports to cultivate children's motor coordination ability. Come to play in the Expo and learn the correct and high-quality parent-child companionship. Effective parent-child companionship is especially important. Parenting experts point out that many parents have wrong perceptions of companionship, and they rarely communicate effectively with their children on an equal footing, which brings irreversible effects on children's growth. For children of different ages, the Beijing Play Fair has individually designed and launched experience games with different forms and unique play styles, including 'Guinness World Records Challenge Carnival, Raiders of the Lost Ark, my gold coin is the master, and the growth photo studioMobile phones, walk out of the office, accompany the children wholeheartedly, walk into the inner world of the children, and communicate on an equal footing; in addition, a large family stage with a large space of 300 square meters was also launched on the spot to guide the interactive experience between different families and help parents learn high-quality Effective companionship. The China Play Fair has been held in Beijing and Shanghai since 2016 and has become a world-renowned iconic parenting event. This year's Beijing Play Fair has a large venue of 20,000 square meters, brand new upgrades, more activities, and more complete services to help parenting families experience the charm of toys for fun, high quality and easy fun with parents and children. The organizer will launch activities such as 'Limited Grab for Parent-Child Tickets Valued at 100 Yuan' and other activities in early June. Now, you can easily participate by scanning the QR code and following the official WeChat (tjpa1986).
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