Economic Benefits Brought from 'Big' Yellow Duck to 'Little' Yellow Duck

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

Rubber Duck (Rubber Duck) is a giant rubber duck artwork series created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in the shape of a classic bathtub yellow duck. Mainland netizens call it the Hong Kong Little Yellow Duck, and Hong Kong media call it the Giant Duck. Several models have been produced, one of which is the largest rubber duck in the world, measuring 26×20×32 meters. Since the birth of the first 'big yellow duck' in 2007, Hoffman took his works from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and as of October 2013, he has visited 15 cities in 11 countries and regions. The big yellow duck has received a lot of attention wherever it goes, and it has also brought great commercial benefits to the local tourism and retail industry. On November 11, 2013, the annual Taipei Beishilin Mansion Chrysanthemum Exhibition debuted. The 'little yellow duck' composed of thousands of yellow chrysanthemums was lovely and eye-catching, and became the biggest focus. According to 'The Economist' magazine reported on November 11, the bathtub toy Little Yellow Duck was recently selected into the National Toy Museum of the United States. The little yellow duck, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, only sells for $2.99 u200bu200b(about 18 yuan) on Amazon. The little yellow duck is presented in front of us with yellow skin, red flat beak, black eyes, and two wings that cling to the body. The color is bright and soft, and the figure is plump and cute, which is quite popular with children. Following the news of the little yellow duck in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, all parts of China have followed suit, placing little yellow ducks in sightseeing and other areas, attracting the attention of many customers. Recalling the recent 'two-child' policy, thinking of children is naturally inseparable from toys. The 'big' yellow duck has evolved from Victoria Harbour to the 'little' yellow duck in the bathtub, becoming a doll for the little friends. Whether it's sightseeing or toys, it has brought huge commercial effects.
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