East regions - — Anna high exhibition held in Beijing a few days ( This Mosaic)

by:Ennas      2020-06-12
Core tip: random - east Anna high beauty exhibition held in Beijing & quot; Mind coat & quot; Is expected to fall at the Beijing international famous master figurines, who won the Italian & quot; La m - Michelangelo & quot; Award ( Random - Italy east Anna high beauty exhibition held in Beijing 'mind coat is expected to fall at the Beijing international famous master figurines, who won the Italian' Mr Preziosi m - Michelangelo 'award ( Italian sculptor highest honor) Anna high beauty and master art center, on October 17, would hold her personal exhibition in Hong Kong. According to Anna high beauty, she works for the Beijing exhibition exhibition mainly for her early oil painting creation and figurine works now. There are 17 painting, sketch and 18 small statues, and the world watches Anna tall beautiful masterpiece 'mind coat will debut in the exhibition. Organizers said, 'mind coat this small sculpture to 5 m tall, weighs 50 tons, unique in the history of art. It is on a separate 200 - ton carved in stone, derived from the famous' Michelangelo cave, Michelangelo is selected for 'David' and other works of marble cave. Anna thanks to this great work in 2008 was awarded the 'Mr Preziosi m Michelangelo' award the sculptor dream of honor. At present, the world only eight 'mind coat' figurines, distributed in many parts of Europe, including in Prague, the opera house door, Monaco palace gray McGrady, Germany Kate's church, salzburg cathedral, etc. Due to time and transportation problems, similar to the 'mind coat and so on many large figurine of the original can't display. But Anna high beauty is creating a 9 'mind coat' and 'the Olympic spirit, the hope can be located in Beijing after you are finished, become a new highlight of Beijing urban figurines. Another highlight of the exhibition to display high Anna beauty of the early part of the painting. It is understood that since Anna high beauty because of an accident, will change their own art form from painting to figurines, these works have been carefully her collection, has never been seen in public in 20 years. In order to open the exhibition in Beijing this time, Anna high beauty specially selected his 17 painting and a small number of drawings for display. Anna high beauty was born in the Czech republic and spent his childhood in Vienna, Austria, in her adulthood to accept orthodox education of art in Paris, first engaged in painting and later due to an accident, cannot continue to painting, to the figurine. Anna high beautiful smile said, she gave her first love to painting. She is now working at an Italian Michelangelo has set up a studio. Her work theme around Europe myth, music art and religious legends, combination of color, shape, flexible moment, fu and philosophy, imagination and rational characteristic. In Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, the Vatican, Morocco, France, the Czech republic to have her work, such as guangzhou new guangzhou opera house and the museum of modern art collection of her 'Carmen' two pieces, etc. This is not her first trip to China, in 2005 and 2006, she had been to guangzhou and Shanghai to participate in the exhibition, they were given a warm welcome.
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