East lake fables garden figurines designers Liu Zhengde:

by:Ennas      2021-09-08
Core tip: figurines home Liu Zhengde rp Peng Nian taken the hunter for wild goose Peng Nian taken 'Smith' reporter Peng Nian taken within the east lake is located in the east lake to tao fables garden, is the national figurines home Liu Zhengde rp Peng Nian taken the hunter for wild goose Peng Nian taken 'Smith' reporter Peng Nian taken within the east lake is located in the east lake to tao fables garden, is the first in the ancient fable figurines depicting the garden. More than 20 groups of fable figurines, there are eight creation first, the style is unified, special shape, the author is the youngest in our province home Liu Zhengde statue. Yellow crane tower '' yellow crane return' tripod and GuQinTai 'bosom friend' figurines ( This column has previously reported) Is his work. 55 years to create 'fable' fable story, Liu Zhengde for 55 years, and his most representative work of the series. In 1944, is the young Liu Zhengde into chongqing yucai school founded by the famous educator tao xingzhi and art. School education promoting Chinese traditional culture and philosophy, let him have a special liking to fables, 'fables are philosophy, also represents the essence of traditional Chinese culture'. In 1959, Liu Zhengde entered the central academy of fine arts graduate student class learning, started writing 'fable' series. Because the style is novel, the 'cultural revolution' period, some critical Liu Zhengde 'formalism'. To not be found, he painted thumb-sized sketch design vision, again with plaster tiny design draft, can at any time into the drawer. Fables garden built by his parable at east lake garden built by Liu Zhengde works. The park is almost settled in lanzhou. In the early 1980 s, lanzhou architects Ren Zhenying see Liu Zhengde praise, 'Smith' after the proposed construction of fables in lanzhou garden, fully display the 'fable' series of Liu Zhengde. To the relevant person in charge of wuhan city is built appoint to reflect to the management, pay more attention to, 'fable' garden on the east lake. In 1985, east lake fables garden construction. In 1986, Liu Zhengde to create a small statue: 'zengzi don't lie', 'elephant', 'the hunter for wild goose', 'striker and sell the oil, lang'. The following year, he completed the second phase, 'Smith', 'the three boys no boy', 'entropy' and 'false respect'. Each figurine pay is only 400 yuan, but he is very satisfied. 'The hunter for wild goose' see wild goose 'Smith' and 'the hunter for wild goose' is the most satisfying two allegorical Liu Zhengde. 'The Smith,' Liu Zhengde change story details, the fox creative be placed in the tiger's back. On the one hand, role relations more lively and interesting; On the other hand, the two main body form L model, through the lines change and penetration, form the visual style lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood. Later, the fox on crouching in the form of a constantly imitated by others. The hunter for wild goose, and have no image of geese. Liu Zhengde said by a group rushed the hound geese fly away already. Two hunters are connected by hand, each block, the H shape, character of dispute seemed to be intensified. Novel conception shows the story of the most vivid moment, at the same time, the H shape appearance make small statue more mass, sincere, strong sense of beauty. Design more than 50 only eight Liu Zhengde created a unique style of figurines, the outside world is mixed. '' the figurines home Billy & # 183; Lee review Liu Zhengde 'fable' : 'it is not only perfectly into abstract concepts, but keep the personal style of culture. 'Authority' fable 'also named art books' 60 years of fine arts in China '. Questioning voice is also very sharp: think works too cryptic, bizarre, ugly. : was brought up in 1987, the project manager is not realistic, it is difficult to understand. Others say, fables garden should not only a kind of style. Then Liu Zhengde in east lake fables garden creation was halted. In Liu Zhengde home, reporter discovery, large and small samples 'fable' works can be seen everywhere. Liu Zhengde said, 'fable' series a total of more than 50 small pieces, is implemented in the public space of only eight pieces. Liu Zhengde said: 'I have a wish, hope in the east lake fables garden to do a few small statues, let his work series retained more complete. 'File name: east lake garden' fable 'fable figurines ( 1, 2) Design time: 1986 completion time: in 1987, the author: Liu Zhengde
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