[Duofa Good Things] Recommended Baby Toys——Puzzle

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
Jigsaw is an 'advanced' game. Identification, splicing, combination, jigsaw puzzles, and puzzles belong to this kind of toys that seem extremely simple but contain infinite possibilities. Children use fine exercises to pinch up the puzzle pieces and put them in the right place, which helps them exercise their overall spatial awareness. This is a very complex exercise, use your brain and hands. Jigsaw puzzles are very helpful in developing children's problem-solving skills, concentration and thinking skills. But because there are so many kinds, you should consider the children's interests when choosing, small animals or cars? Choose what you like on the pattern. Babies at this stage of 12 months of age can simply perceive them by touching, looking, and throwing. You can also match the matching puzzles to the original position one by one, and there may be situations where you can't put it in because of the wrong angle. Parents don’t have to correct the child. They can put one, you put one, and demonstrate when you put it, so as to slowly guide the child. 24 months old children at this stage can try some new jigsaw toys. For example, the two scattered puzzle pieces can be assembled to form a complete pattern. The baby concentrates on playing the puzzle. Parents can talk to the child more according to the patterns on the puzzle. For example, when the child picks up the lamb, the parent can say to the child 'Lamb, bleat... It says hello, baby! If the child is soon After losing interest in puzzles, parents can try other ways to play. For example, pour out 3 or 4 pieces of animal puzzles, talk about their names with the baby, and then the mother hides a piece to let the baby guess which animal is missing. You can also switch roles. Mom closes your eyes and the baby hides a piece. For 36-month-old children, simple puzzles are too easy for them. If this type of game is loved by children, prepare a few different sets. Yes. If you always work on the same set of puzzles, of course you will get tired. You can let children choose to play puzzles with their favorite patterns, starting from 4 pieces, and gradually increasing to 12, 20, and 25 pieces. Finished At the same time as the puzzle, the baby's fine motor ability, spatial understanding and color recognition ability will be well developed.
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