Dudu Robot invites you to join, no agency fee, no brand franchise fee_children's toy network

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
With the full liberalization of the second-child policy, the maternal and infant market has also begun to enter the trend of the times. Among them, infant milk powder, diapers, toys and early education are the objects of modern society. For dealers, agents and franchisees who join the agency toy industry, you can choose Dudu Robot! Dudu Robot does not require agency fees, no brand franchise fees, and the company also distributes equity. It is a truly zero-risk franchise brand with returnable products! Hefei Yichuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yichuan Robot Group. It is an independent robot technology research and operation company under the group company. It is located in the Robot Building of Hefei High-tech Industrial Park. Specializing in the research and development, production, sales, customization and industry solutions of Dudu children's emotional intelligent education accompanying robots. Committed to building a leading brand of children's emotional education robots. After nearly three years of in-depth market research needs and the continuous efforts of the company's technical research and development personnel, Yichuan launched the latest generation of children's emotional education robot-Dudu robot in 2017. Emotionally, let the child have a good playmate to accompany and narrate, so that the parents can not be with the child for various reasons, compensate the child's missing part of the parental and maternal love, and let the parent enter the child's inner world through the Dudu robot , Understand the true thoughts of children, build a bridge between children and parents; in learning, build an intelligent education platform in the form of AI + education, real one-to-one teaching, entertaining and learning, and stimulate children's imagination, Creativity, learning from interest, let children be one step ahead and win at the starting line! Joining conditions: 1. Have a strong brand awareness and development vision; 2. Have a good business reputation, not afraid of hardship and tiredness; 3. Have the willingness to cooperate and participate in business management; 4. Have a certain economic strength; 5. High Acknowledge the marketing philosophy of robots, and be willing to grow rapidly with robots and achieve a win-win situation; joining advantages: 1. Professional and clear agency process; 2. Humanized post-assistance policy; 3. Resource sharing to maximize benefits; 4. Attentive and considerate After-sales service; one-stop support: Personnel support: help franchisees to develop the market, guide training technology; regional support: give exclusive agency rights to the region, and issue professional certificates; decoration support: the company assists in the decoration of the store, timely material subsidies; advertising support : Provide advertising support, subsidize in the form of goods according to a certain proportion; training support: company training professional technical support, provide market development skills; material support: give regular material support, distribution-related brochures, picture albums; year-end rebate: year-end Enjoy generous annual supply rebates; event support: the company participates in festival planning activities and provides feasible solutions; after-sales service: powerful professional after-sales service, timely answering questions.
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