Dry hanging sandstone sculpture construction process _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core tip: when we see these sandstone reliefs, we will surprise the sandstone reliefs are how to do, what kind of construction technology. These condensing crystallization results of the working people, like we see these sandstone reliefs, we can surprise the sandstone reliefs are how to do, what kind of construction technology. The results of this condensing crystallization of working people how to construction! Below we introduce dry hanging sandstone sculpture construction technological process, experience the working people's great achievements! Surface finishing at the grass-roots level to pay-off, positioning, fixed iron - embossed plate groove to hang relief plate, cleaning and maintenance products. 1 the underlying sorting, corrective necessary flat bottom, clean. If the underlying flatness vary too much, choose 1:2. 5 cement mortar leveling, stay to depict the intensity of the reentry after 100% of the next process; About the stains of the underlying, choose method of steel wire brush and water clean is clean, the necessary condition to adopt cut hair from the render method. Payoff, fixed is hanged on the basis of plate plane intrusive and weight, concluded that hanging point number, and after taking the measurement will be decided by the position of expansion bolt. The first row of hanging point on the bottom border of the sandstone sculpture. Plate thickness h of 50 mm or less in accordance with the four hanging point set per square meter, thickness is greater than 50 mm plate can conversion, according to the actual situation of the hanging point shall be increased accordingly. Concluded that the hanging point number and location will be able to start after dozen expansion bolt, fixed pendant, choose a length of 100 mm, 12 mm diameter of bolts, expansion bolts, cohesion iron pieces, washers, nuts and other selects the stainless steel products. 3 groove basis has been concluded that the widget position and quantity, in the embossed sheet corresponding to hang point location and quantity, with drilling, sawing carved toothless cutting groove. Groove should pay attention to three points: one is the orientation precision, the second is the deep grooves cannot too big, too, of above three inside groove is necessary to concave, and view cannot too big 4 embossed sheet on the wall in a clean glass glue on the bottom, with the stone glue in the groove. In the 250 - glass glue distance It is advisable to 350 mm range, each regiment for 50 - diameter 80 mm half sphere; Inside the groove with landfill stone glue, glue before will clean sheet adhesive surface finishing. Sheet sandstone sculpture usually heavier, 2 - demand 3 work suspension, concluded that the widgets are aimed at groove, forcibly knead into the wall reliefs plate, flat glass glue, can choose rubber hammer strike plate, make metope of sheet as far as possible close to the bottom, side hit the side sheet by scale, level and so on, is used to adjust azimuth, avoid the inclination, can be used as a temporary support, such as small wedge after waiting for glue condensation withdrawn. After relief plate in a safe condition, in relief plate circumferential waterproof sealant, avoid frost heaving damage between plate and bottom water attack. 5 products cleaning and maintenance site drippy colloid turbidity, finishing plate appearance, with bright plastic film cover of sandstone relief plate, repair and maintenance of products.
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