Double twelve 5 tips to teach you to choose a reliable smart home

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

Double Twelve is about to come, and everyone is greeted with another great shopping opportunity! Many people have the intention of choosing smart home furnishing products to arm their homes and live a smart life. However, the smart home devices on the market are dazzling and dazzling. How can I choose some smart devices that I want? Here are some suggestions for choosing smart homes for your reference. Look for technical standards At present, smart home products on the market use many technical agreements. Like the well-known WiFi, Bluetooth, radio frequency, ZigBee, etc., different technical standards have a great impact on the performance and safety and stability of the product. Here we recommend that you choose smart devices that use the ZigBee wireless technology protocol. ZigBee has become a mainstream wireless technology protocol in the Internet of Things industry, and is widely used in smart homes, industrial Internet of Things, smart medical care, and smart education. ZigBee is also a short-range wireless communication protocol. Compared with other wireless technology protocols, ZigBee has huge advantages in terms of security, stability, networking capability, and energy consumption. ZigBee technology has high security, using 128-bit AES encryption technology, the encryption level is equivalent to more than 10 times that of bank cards, and the security performance is reassuring. At the same time, ZigBee technology is a low-power wireless communication technology. At present, many smart home devices are powered by batteries, but technologies such as WiFi and Bluetooth have high power consumption, and users who choose these technologies will face the trouble of frequently changing batteries. Choosing products with ZigBee technology can ensure long-term operation of the equipment without frequent battery replacement, and is also conducive to creating a low-carbon and environmentally friendly home environment. Moreover, ZigBee technology is also better in terms of communication stability and product networking capabilities. Be clear about your needs. When choosing smart home devices, you must be clear about what kind of smart life you want to create, because smart home systems can cover us from smart lighting, electrical control, safety protection, environmental regulation, health services, etc. Life, creating a smart home. At the same time, smart home products can be arbitrarily combined and customized according to the different needs of users. For example, if you feel that your home is not safe enough, you can focus on smart security and create a comprehensive smart security system. If you focus on the comfort and atmosphere of your home, you can spend more time on smart lighting and environmental adjustment. It is very important to be clear about your own needs. There are many smart home devices on the market. If you choose blindly, some products may become home furnishings after they have tried them. This not only makes smart life a big discount, but also sometimes brings unnecessary troubles. . Smart home appliances such as smart washing machines and smart refrigerators promoted by many manufacturers are actually a gimmick, not necessarily really practical. Choosing interconnected products The significance of choosing interconnected products is very important. At present, the smart home industry does not have a comprehensive and unified technical standard. Different manufacturers may adopt different technical standards, and product compatibility is a problem. For consumers, our hope for smart home products is not only to use simple single products, but also to work together with different devices to freely edit scenes. If you purchase products with different technical standards, the products cannot be interconnected, and different products may need different APP control. As the equipment continues to increase, there will be more and more APPs. It is very troublesome for users to use, and it is not conducive to the later equipment. Maintenance and upgrade. On the contrary, smart home products based on the same technical agreement and unified standard can be managed and edited under the same smart home APP, and different devices can be individually edited, interconnected, and easily enjoy smart life. If you need to add equipment nodes later in life, you only need to purchase equipment based on the same technical standard, and you can upgrade without worry. Choosing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products At present, energy-saving and environmental protection is a life value concept advocated by the government and mainstream in society. Energy-saving and environmental protection are very important in home life. Whether a manufacturer can provide products that are easy to use, energy-saving and environmentally friendly is also a very important consideration in purchasing. Smart home uses advanced Internet of Things technology to provide users with a high-quality life, and energy conservation and environmental protection are also very prominent. In smart lighting, the use of advanced sensors, as well as the timing of equipment and the linkage of scenes, etc., can realize household equipment power consumption specifications, relax and achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, compared to traditional lighting equipment, smart bulbs generally have an energy-saving rate of more than 40%. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products are not only the direction and trend of social development, but also help users save living expenses and bring convenience. Product after-sales guarantee. For manufacturers, product after-sales service is an important factor in their development. Consumers also pay great attention to the quality of after-sales service when purchasing products. At present, the smart home market has yet to be regulated, and the layout of each manufacturer, agent, after-sales service center and other outlets is not the same. In order to ensure that the product can receive good service and to reduce trouble in the future, try to choose a manufacturer with strong company strength and good product reputation. Therefore, manufacturers with more agents and after-sales service centers across the country can be the first choice, because the agents cover a wide range, which proves the company's strength while also ensuring more convenient and faster access to products and services. The above are some suggestions on how to choose a smart home. The actual situation of each user is different, but as long as you choose according to the above suggestions, I believe everyone can buy useful smart home products.
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