Don't miss the 2020 CKE China Toy Fair. IDbabi is waiting for you at Booth W4B53

by:Ennas      2022-01-24
From October 21st to 23rd, 2020, the three-day CTE China Toy Fair will be grandly kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! The IDbabi fish board skateboard brand under the Haoman Houseware Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. will also be invited to participate in the toy fair, to showcase a wide variety of baby and child products with a wide range of products and look forward to the general distribution. Businesses and industry insiders come to booth W4B53 for a visit and consultation! IDbabi (Almighty Dad) is a designer brand dedicated to motivating dads across the country to participate in parenting. Turning ideas into interesting products and services is our mission. Founded in 2017, the company is mainly engaged in the design, sales and brand operation of baby products (sports equipment, safety protection, childcare products) and household products; life culture communication and training. The fish board is a safe and easy-to-control new fitness skateboard specially designed for children aged 6-13. It is not only fun, but also exercises children's psoas muscles, enhances balance and self-confidence. Skateboarding is an outdoor sport that is widely liked by young people. However, traditional skateboarding has a single gameplay and is prone to fall and injury. Users need to have certain sliding skills, which is not suitable for young children. The fish swim board brings a new way of playing skateboarding. It can convert the waist twisting force into propulsion force. The rider can drive the skateboard forward by standing on the board and twisting the waist repeatedly. Yuyouban is a product that combines three major characteristics. It is more fun, safer than traditional skateboarding, and can also enhance the physical fitness of children. IDbabi fish swimming board is the latest core product developed by our company. This product has applied for invention patents worldwide and won the 2020 German Red Dot Product Design Award. The fish board is a fitness skateboard specially designed for children aged 6-13. Its unique playing method and appearance can instantly attract the attention of children and parents. Because this product is a brand new release, there is currently no competing product in the domestic and foreign markets, and there are no distributors selling it. This is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity for merchants who have sales channels for children's products. Of course, IDbabi fish swim board skateboards also hope that through the promotion of this exhibition, more people will know and understand IDbabi fish swim board skateboards, and through the exhibition of this exhibition, they can more accurately grasp the development trend of toy products and toy industry. Deeply expand contacts and achieve rapid increase in operating profits. From October 21st to 23rd, 2020, IDbabi fish board skateboards are waiting for you at booth W4B53!
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