Don't dismiss that building programmatic small sheet metal statue, weak without the wind is not possible

by:Ennas      2021-10-02
Core tip: the Tampa Florida has a river Hillsborough, recently the winding river wharf side for more than a beautiful beautiful scenery, it is a powder in the Form of organic green abstract figurines of Tampa Florida has a river of Hillsborough recently on the edge of the winding river docks into a more beautiful scenery, it is a powder in the Form of organic green abstract figurines Form of Wander. At first glance, it's hard to describe this is a what kind of work, it is made up of a number of pieces of powder green sheet metal Mosaic of a piece of work, the thicket of structure, half open set up in the air, a bit like we saw in the tropical sea of mangrove forest. This figurine Riverfont park in the city, small statues on the seven root like mangrove roots of support legs are like mangrove roots firmly seized the bridge deck, although don't look at these constitute a small statue of also only a few millimeters thick plates, but is this made of metal figurines successfully resist the hurricane named Michael in October this year, seems to be in the form of the imitation of biological support structure played a decisive role. To create this oddity pixie figurines is called a THEVERYMANY studio in New York, the studio founded by registered architect Mark Fornes, devoted to build large in a particular place, one-piece construction/figurines to show emotion. In the past decade, the studio to design and build the thin shell structure of many of these organic public device, this in the field of art and architecture between breakthrough the limitation of the form, structure and space structure. The creation of each piece of public art is designed to provide visitors with a unique spatial experience, but also contributes to the visual identity of a place, and to promote community participation. Like this is called the Minima | Maxima of four storeys high figurine is the studio using programmed design skills to create, is also the organic shapes, can not use any external internal structure to realize self supporting structure. The figurines to held in kazakhstan's capital, in 2017 built the world's fair. Surprise is 13. 1 m high building of the whole is to use 2 mm thick aluminium, the installation embodies the THEVERYMANY invented by Structural Stripes ( Structure in series). Process, let people know about organic model of the structure of the procedural design how strong, at the same time so lightly. Figurines from three layers of white, pink, white flat sheet series structure, curvature and height according to the set of mutually support each other, each piece is placed separately, they are in the position of each piece of establishing unified whole and benefit from the strong structure. Processing of the system to ensure they don't need any mold or temporary support. Is the mechanical combination, also can carry on the back together during construction and correction. Similarly the twice in 2011 and 2018 for display, called NON LIN/LIN's works, as the technology of early prototype exploration works, you are hard to make it classified as a building or art installation. Viewers across it, casual faces exposed to from a hole, large device for whatever age have a childlike innocence. Such exploration and no end, the flexible sheet device structure is not only make it, it also recently used as a decorative wall. In Charlotte is the core of the city's busiest financial in a parking lot on the newly installed on the side is called WANDER WALL color WALL, as well as the aforementioned device, this also is to have 5678 pieces of independent pieces of metal. More rare is the metal aluminium and not become impenetrable, or allows enough light to pass through them light up the seven storeys high inside the garage, and at the same time as the giant color device can let a person can be seen from a distance, for drab and busy city life and some lively color. THEVERYMANY an interesting workshop, Every is to point to each one, things are a lot of meaning, the studio name THEVERYMANY refers to bring lot of fun or a lot of possibilities? I believe the future designer Fornes will bring us more answers. This article from Thisiscolossal part pictures
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