Do not play digital games in gift company promotional activities

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

In promotional activities, most gift companies seldom sum up experience and lessons, and often prevaricate due to market downturns and consumers being overly sensible. Going deeper, the real reasons for the unfavorable promotion are nothing more than the following points: the promotion method is complicated and tactical; the promotion is overwhelming; the product selection is wrong; the timing of the promotion is not well grasped. The first thing that companies must make clear is that consumers will never buy an unwanted main product because of a needed gift, and the value of the gift is always below the main product.   In the promotion, the promotion method is taboo and complicated, and the digital expression should be simple and clear, so that consumers can understand the discount content as soon as possible. Complicated numbers will not only make the calculations troublesome for businesses, but also make consumers think too long, which is not beneficial to both parties.  Many gift shops like to launch a discount and then return gold coupons during the promotion. The cashback coupons can be used at the counter where the coupons are available, but there are many hidden traps.' For example, a consumer spends 168 yuan to purchase goods and obtains a 108 yuan shopping voucher, so he wants to use the shopping voucher to buy another set of 218 yuan goods. Most people think that they can have this as long as they pay another 110 yuan. The product is set, but the promoter explained: If you use shopping vouchers, you must purchase the product at the original price. The original price is 368 yuan, and you need to spend another 250 yuan. Or you can use 218 directly without the shopping vouchers. Yuan cash purchase.  I use shopping vouchers to shop, but it costs more than not. Is this still a promotion? After consumers have figured out this account, most of them choose not to buy it. Therefore, enterprises must use this digital game with caution.
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