Do not make resin handicraft?

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
Resin handicraft industry in addition to tourism, and wholesalers, really there will be no other forms of profit? Any industry need spiritual value, or will only slowly aging. Now any products have features, both cultural and spiritual values, given by the product itself or otherwise will only slowly disappear! Tourism in scenic spots, such as stinky tofu tourists feel good will buy, when each scenic spot gourd, such as bamboo flute around now, what would you like a stand out? Insect specimens crafts itself is unique, of course, but the purchase of the crowd is small, most people will only look at the novel. To large quantities of sales, you're specimen is shops decorate exquisite, modelling diversity, is what is the unique value, which should be considered. Now is the age of do STH unconventional or unorthodox: 1, from product positioning itself to talk about. Product is insect specimens, what people like insects, your company choose the types of insects must be within the industry, most product modelling chasing hot spots, or specifically as film and TV surrounding, enterprise furnishing articles companies such as custom. 2, eyeing a top events, awards, and top industry summit, to give them to sponsor a number of custom trophies and open markets. Not personnel, ground thinking from the view of marketing, there are a lot of stretching yourself come on!
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