Disney’s new toy can transform you into Iron Man

by:Ennas      2021-11-05
Have you ever dreamed of transforming into Iron Man and fighting enemies like Iron Man?    Disney feels that its upcoming interactive toy, Playmation, can help you realize this dream. However, it takes a little bit of your imagination to realize it.  Playmation consists of an Iron Man's hand armor, two Power activators and some smart dolls. The role of the hand armor is to give you the feeling that you have transformed into an Iron Man, and the sensing device in the hand armor will capture your movements and make different reactions. For example, when you put your arms in front of you, you use the shield skill like Iron Man in the game. Every movement of yours, including running, jumping and gestures, will be recorded by this armour.    Playmation suit  Power activator will create a virtual space in the real world. For example, it will remind you that the enemy has arrived in front of you and you need to start fighting with it. At this time, you need to use different skills by making different gestures, and occasionally you need to jump to avoid enemy attacks. In short, this Power activator acts like an NPC that releases tasks in this RPG game. According to its instructions, you can complete various tasks.   Judging from the Disney show, the principle of Playmation is very similar to the game Ingress developed by Google, which was reported by the 'Curiosity Daily'. Both require you to regard things in real life as props or scenes in the game, and you need to interact with things in real life to achieve the effect of interacting with the scenes in the game.  The consequence of this is that from the perspective of a bystander, you can only see a player with Iron Man's hand armor jumping around, like a lunatic. But for the player, as long as he uses some imagination, he can feel that he has truly transformed into Iron Man and is fighting the enemy.    Playmation Demo  Disney thinks that the fun of this game lies in the combination of modern digital technology and traditional toys. They call it the fourth-generation toy.  The first generation toys were Transformers and Barbie dolls before the appearance of video games, and the second generation was video games. The third generation is the most popular Toys-to-life, which turns physical toys into a carrier for electronic game archives. Playmation, as the fourth-generation toy in Disney's mouth, allows players to play electronic games in the same way as traditional toys. Kareem Daniel said: On the one hand, video games have become a form of entertainment that young people like **, but on the other hand, both adults and children want to be able to move when playing video games, the traditional way of playing with toys. The way is still very attractive. Combining these two requirements is Playmation.   We have found many children to test Playmation, and they all find Playmation very exciting. Kareem Daniel added.   Currently, Playmation toys have been pre-sold in North America, and will be officially released on October 4th. At that time, you may see a lot of people jumping around with Iron Man's hand armor. Don't think they are crazy, they are fighting the enemy very seriously.
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