Disney's 'magnification move' and Netflix seize the streaming media market

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
Disney is working to convince investors that the company is the best digital content platform in the future. The 11th is an important day for Disney. At the 2020 Investor Conference held online, the company announced that its streaming service platform Disney+ has accumulated 87 million paying users in 13 months, and also announced in one breath. A series of new project plans, including 10 'Star Wars' derivative series, 12 Marvel series, new Pixar movies, and live-action animated films, including 'The Little Mermaid' starring Javier Baden 'Pinocchio' with Tom Hanks and so on. Disney's large-scale plan that exceeded all investors' expectations has injected a lot of adrenaline into Wall Street. Disney's stock price skyrocketed on the 12th, climbing more than 13%, setting a record high. The construction of streaming media services is very expensive, and Disney now holds five streaming media service platforms, including Disney+ (87 million subscribers), Hulu Video (39 million subscribers) and ESPN+ (11.5 million subscribers). Lucasfilm President Katherine Kennedy announced that in the 'Star Wars' spin-off series, Ivan McGregor will return to play Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Haydn Christensen will also replay the role Darth Vader, the black warrior. Kennedy said: We will see an epic battle again. Patty Jenkins, the director of the two 'Wonder Women, the ManPirates Squadron. A number of new Marvel projects also have good news. 'Wanda Vision' will be launched on Disney+ on January 15 next year, and the drama 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' will be launched on March 19. The movie 'Fantastic Four' restarts, directed by Joe Watts, director of the 'Spiderman' series. The first preview of the drama 'Rocky' starring Tom Hiddleston will be launched on Disney+ in May 2021. Disney announced at the investment conference that it plans to invest US$16 billion to produce programs in fiscal year 2024. In the next three years, Disney's development of streaming media will be even stronger. In addition, Disney predicts that as of fiscal year 2024, the total number of paying users of its streaming media service will reach 300 million to 350 million, of which Disney+'s paying users are expected to reach 230 to 260 million. Source: Information
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