Disney prohibits the sale of toy guns in the park

by:Ennas      2021-12-24

According to the 'Central News Agency' report, US officials said on the 17th that theme parks in Florida and California, including Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, have begun to increase security checks for tourists measure.   reported that Disney has also banned the sale of toy guns in the park, banned tourists over the age of 14 from playing cross-dressing, and added a second screening of random metal detectors for tourists. Officials said that visitors to Disney theme parks in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida, had previously handed over their bags for inspection by personnel with bare hands or hand-held metal detectors. On November 13, after a terrorist attack in Paris, France, where 130 people were killed, a mass shooting of 14 people occurred in San Bernardino, California this month. The suspects were a couple affected by the Islamic State (IS). .   These theme parks did not mention the above incident when they announced the increase in security measures, but Disney did say that the security check was increased because of recent incidents. Anaheim is about 80 kilometers southwest of San Bernardino.   Local media reported that Sea World Entertainment is also using metal detectors in Orlando’s theme parks.   Universal Studios spokesperson said that Universal Studios in Orlando and Hollywood are testing the use of metal detectors, but not in response to specific events. He said: 'We just want our guests to feel safe.'
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