Disney prepares to add $1 billion to expand California theme park

by:Ennas      2021-12-27
This is to strive for tax incentives, but not all for tax incentives.   Disney is seriously considering an additional $1 billion in funding for Disneyland in Anaheim, California.     This investment in the Disney project actually has another background. Since 1996, the City of Anaheim has granted Disneyland a 20-year tax exemption for tickets. In 2016, this preferential policy will expire. For Disney, through this capital investment, they also hope to obtain tax incentives for another 20 years.   In addition, some analysis pointed out that at this time, Disney wanted to increase its own park project because it was under competitive pressure from Universal Studios Hollywood. **Recently, Universal Studios Hollywood in Springfield, USA has just added a new Simpson-themed ride, and next year it will join the 'Harry Potter' tour program.   As for how to make good use of the 1 billion US dollars, Disney doesn’t have to worry about nothing new to join. Not just the Disney studio itself, the classic image of Pixar, the Star Wars of Lucas, the superheroes of Marvel, these are all projects that can be developed for the park. It is not yet certain how the money will be allocated to the two parks in Anaheim (California Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park), but Disney has stated that they will not consider building a third Disneyland in Anaheim for the time being. paradise. According to the plan, after adding new tourist facilities, Disneyland in Anaheim will add at least 5,000 parking spaces. These will undoubtedly drive employment and consumption in Anaheim.   However, even if there are no tax incentives, the expansion of Disneyland will definitely happen. In the second-quarter financial report released by Disney in May, Disney's total turnover in the quarter was US$12.46 billion, of which the turnover of theme parks was US$3.76 billion, which accounted for 30% of its total turnover. The continuous addition of new facilities should be the best way to attract tourists.
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