Did your baby go to see the excavator on the construction site? Zanbao helps you bring the excavator home

by:Ennas      2022-02-05
It is said that every child has a soft spot for excavators. Both boys and girls, as long as there is a construction team nearby, they will definitely clamor to see the excavator, even bring their own dry food, and wait for the construction team to get off work without crying. So every day, so every day! How can I bring the child home? Parents can say that they have tried their best and it still doesn't work. If you still don’t have a better way, you can buy a Zanbabe excavator toy, and a mini construction team at home can also enhance parent-child relationship. 1. Combination of a variety of engineering vehicles, the work tools in front of the engineering vehicle can be moved up and down to attract the interest of the baby; 2. Push the engineering vehicle forward, the inertial energy will promote the car to continue to drive for a period of time, without battery, full of power, Cultivate your baby's hands-on ability; 3. The inertial design does not require batteries, is environmentally friendly and durable, has a strong sense of solidity, good toughness, impact resistance, and is not easy to break; 4. Race with your friends to see whose bike runs fast, and exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination Ability and fine hand movements, through games to promote emotional communication among partners. Playing at home is much more comfortable than being exposed to the sun. Of course, you can also explain the knowledge of driving safety, traffic rules, etc. to them while playing. Although small, it is better to cultivate good habits from an early age. If you want to act as an agent of like baby toys, you can leave a message through the baby brand network now. If you successfully leave a message, the company will get in touch with you as soon as possible to further discuss cooperation related matters.
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