Di Ai Baby Soothing Towel Doll Hand Puppet Toys Soothing and Sleeping Baby Companion

by:Ennas      2022-01-10
During the baby’s teething period, the baby may cry because of the itchy gums. A soothing towel can relieve the baby’s itching and fix the period of teeth grinding. Di Ai baby comfort towel doll hand puppet toys select high-quality crystal velvet, fine short hair, high fiber strength, and the baby will not shed any hair without biting, becoming the baby's teething companion and relieve the itching of teeth. Di Ai Baby Comforting Towel, Doll, Hand Puppet, Toys are environmentally-friendly active printing and dyeing, no peculiar smell, no fluorescent agent, and will not fade after long-term use. Di Ai baby comfort towel doll hand puppet toy imitation silk filling, light and soft, high elasticity and fluffy, the baby can knead and bite at will, without deformation, and the baby's muscle touch, soft, soft, the baby will fall in love with the touch , Mouse Tommy sleeps next to him, quickly soothes the restless mood of the baby mouse, allows the baby to fall asleep quietly while playing, and reduces crying. The corner shape design of Di Ai's baby comforting towel doll hand puppet toy is double reinforced and lined, and the line does not open or fall off, and the bear child can not tear it. It can exercise the delicate movements of the baby's hand and improve the grasping ability. And according to the shape design of the comfort towel and the baby's behavior habits, the humanized design of the sound paper position of each comfort towel, pinch it, and make a sound. Of course, before mothers are pregnant or going out, it is recommended to prepare the comfort towel and leave it with her for a period of time, so that the baby comfort towel doll and hand puppet toys will fill the mother’s taste, and let it become the mother’s little avatar after the baby is born or when the mother is out. , Give your baby a sense of security at all times. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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