Di Ai baby rattle teether toy cute shape + childlike color matching, let the baby love it

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
Teether’s main function is to help babies relieve the discomfort of teething. They are generally made of safe and non-toxic materials. They are suitable for baby chewing, relieve the discomfort of teeth, increase the sense of security, and can also exercise the baby’s chewing and chewing. The development of chewing movements helps the healthy development of your baby's teeth. Di Ai baby rattle teether toy pacifier-grade soft elastic silicone, Q bomb delicious I delicious meal. Di Ai baby rattle teether toys abandon the TPR and TPE materials used in most teethers. Di Ai uses pacifier-grade silicone, safe and tasteless ABS material, BPA-free, safe every bite, flexible and high temperature resistant, and healthy for babies. . The design of multiple biting points releases the baby's exploratory nature. A large piece of gutta-percha, gentle massage on the tender gums, can relieve the baby's teething pain. Di Ai baby rattle teether toys are made of strong and tough materials, with excellent impact resistance, and are not afraid of your baby's hard work. At the same time, Diai also adopts the ultrasonic mold clamping technology, the internal fusion occlusion of the teether, it is firm without screws, and it is safer to boil. A multi-directional drainage hole is also added at the joint. After the water is boiled and disinfected, it is shaken. There is no residual water inside the rattle, which shakes off the bacteria and makes it safe to bite. At the same time, Di Ai baby rattle teether toys have UFO, small spaceship, and rattle planet exclusive interesting shapes, which can exercise the baby's dynamic vision while interacting closely. Colorful visual display, aesthetics from childhood, cute shape + childish color matching, make babies love it. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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