Denmark LEGO LEGO Assembled Building Blocks Educational Children's Toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

There are many Lego toys, but the masterpiece of Lego toys is building block toys. Lego building block toys are the best building block toys in the world, and they are also the oldest building block toys. The Lego Group is a world-renowned toy manufacturer, and its sales volume has always been among the top ten toys in the world. Lego building toys have accompanied the growth of countless children. In the minds of children and parents, Lego represents happiness, unlimited imagination, and a creative future. Today's achievements of the Lego Group are inextricably linked with his long history and corporate culture. Lego Toy Building Blocks is an advanced building block that learns and plays. Place of origin: Denmark as a brand of Lego, 'LEGO' is a composite of Danish 'leg godt(I built them up). Lego uses 'play on' as the brand's self-expression, which is in the same line with the brand meaning of 'LEGO' and 'play well'. To this day, Lego has 2 million members worldwide. Fortune once gave Lego the title of 'Toys of the Century'. Who would have thought that when the prototype of Lego was born in 1932, only a Danish man named Ole One of the items in a grocery store built by Kirk Christiansen's carpenter in the small village of Billund-wooden toys. Two years later, Lego has its current name 'LEGO'. In 1949, Lego began to produce toys built with plastic bricks, and since then laid the basic form of today's Lego toys, but the real toy revolution did not occur until 1955. That year, Lego put forward the slogan 'Play and Learn' for the first time, advocating a new concept of simultaneous learning and playing. In 1958, Lego improved the bricks into the form of sockets, which became the history of Lego. Another milestone, Lego has since moved forward with acceleration. Lego bricks are children's favorite toys. This plastic building block has bumps at one end and holes for inserting the bumps at the other end. There are more than 1,300 shapes, each of which has 12 different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, white, and black. It relies on children to use their own brains to create endlessly changing shapes. It is so admirable that it is called 'Magic Plastic Building Blocks.' The hometown of Lego bricks is in Denmark. Lego building block toys are representative products of Lego toys. There is no toy company's building block toys that can compare with Lego building block toys. As the world's top toy giant, Lego Toys has always placed the first place in the Ru0026D and manufacturing of building block toys. As the main brand of Lego company, Lego bricks have unmatched quality and connotation other similar brick products.
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