Deli ultra-light clay plasticine, children’s handmade space clay, happy childhood is here

by:Ennas      2022-01-20
Living in a city, it's hard to see the mud! When taking babies to play in the park, they are easily attracted by a little dirt. It is possible that I do not want to go home with you. Or hide a little mud secretly and take it home to play! If this happens, why don't parents buy space mud and play with their children at home? At the same time of hygiene, it can also cultivate parent-child relationships. Deli ultra-light clay plasticine, let children have a happy childhood. Deli ultra-light clay modelling clay has a soft texture and good ductility, and children can knead the clay more easily. Natural pigment, repeated rubbing, not easy to fade and sticky. A variety of shapes can be created, allowing children to use their imagination boldly. Purchasing powerful ultra-light clay plasticine will give you tools and instructions for use. Parents can use the evening time and weekends to work with their children. For safety, we use a special formula for children, so you can play with confidence. But here is also a reminder to all parents: don't let your children swallow it!
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