Decorative Techniques of Ceramic Decoration Technology

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

Ceramic decoration has a close and inseparable relationship with the use, shape and social aesthetic orientation of utensils. Decoration is an important means of artistic processing of ceramics. It plays an active and effective role in improving the appearance quality of utensils and enriching cultural life. There are many ways to decorate ceramics, which can be divided into two categories, one is underglaze decoration, and the other is overglaze decoration. There are traditional crafts and modern crafts as well. To learn appraisal, we must understand its development and evolution history, as well as its artistic characteristics and styles. The underglaze color is a variety of high-temperature pigments, painted patterns on the mud or biscuit, and then applied with a transparent glaze, and then fired in a kiln at a high temperature. Its characteristic is that the painted patterns and the blank glaze are fired at the same time at high temperature. The color material fully penetrates into the glaze, the porcelain surface is smooth and moisturized, the color is transparent and elegant, and it has a full sense of moisture. Unchanging for a long time. Scribing flowers is one of the traditional decoration methods of ceramics in my country. It uses iron, bamboo knives, skewers and other tools to engrave decorative patterns on the green body, and fires with transparent glaze. This kind of decoration method is commonly used on primitive celadon, but the ceramic patterns vary in different periods. Carved and filled flowers, also known as inlaid flowers, is a decorative method in which a special carving knife is used to carve the pattern on the blank, and then the carved grooves are filled with color materials. In ancient times, white and black materials were often filled. , Also known as 'carved flowers to fill in white' and 'carved flowers to fill in black'. Mold printing technology is developed on the basis of carving flowers, and it is also the most commonly used process for ancient ceramics. A mold can be used many times, avoiding the repetitive and complicated work like the carving process, and greatly improving the productivity. Blue and white Linglong is a combination of underglaze blue and white and exquisite carving. It is made on the porcelain body, the exquisite and translucent exquisite eyes are first made. Generally, the rice-shaped through holes are commonly used, called rice tongs. Then the exquisite eyes are filled with exquisite glaze, combined with the green and green pattern decorations, and the glaze is applied. The kiln is fired at high temperature at one time. Wucai, also known as hard color, is a painting decoration that uses ancient color pigments on the glaze. It is also one of the traditional color painting art in Jingdezhen. The earliest colored colors appeared in the northern regions of China during the Song and Jin dynasties. Its predecessor was the red and green colors of Cizhou kilns.” Doucai is a new variety created by the Yongxuan kiln in the Ming Dynasty. Chenghua Doucai is the most famous in history. It is a decorative method that combines underglaze blue and white with overglaze multicolored. First, use blue and white color to draw part of the pattern or outline the outline of the pattern on the green body. After the glaze is fired in the kiln, the ancient The color finishes the on-glaze color painting, so it is also called 'bean colorFamille rose, also known as soft color, was created in the late Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. It is a decorative technique that uses foreign color to paint. The pastel color is rich in color, soft and soft, beautiful and elegant, and the image is exquisite and vivid. It absorbs more of the painting techniques of traditional Chinese painting. Layering. Enamel, originally known as painting enamel, was also created and burned in the late Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the decorative techniques of using foreign color to decorate. It is very similar to the famille rose decoration, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish each other. After the year, it was gradually moved to Jingdezhen imperial kiln for manufacturing. The painting technique of enamel color is mostly imitated the copper cloisonné enamel in the early days. Susancai is developed from glazed glaze. It is called color, but it is actually glaze, which replaces color with glaze. It abandons alum red and replaces it with purple. The picture is elegant and pure, so it is commensurate with plain. Alum red color, also known as iron red color, is a decorative method that uses alum red pigment as the main color to hook the line and paint the picture. Ink. Color is a kind of decoration method that uses black (brilliant black) as the main color to draw the line and dye the picture. Tongzhi color is one of the pastel painting techniques. It abandons the complicated pastel craftsmanship of the Kang, Yong and Qian dynasties, and It is a simple and easy-to-use painting style that incorporates multi-colored ink and color, and is easy to learn. The term 'light crimson color' comes from the light crimson painting school, originally referring to a kind of landscape painting drawn by ink and rendered in light ocher created by the literati Huang Gongwang in the Yuan Dynasty. Ceramics. The term 'light and crimson' in the world refers to a painting technique of light and shade that was popular in the late Qing Dynasty by borrowing the term of traditional Chinese painting. Guangcai is the abbreviation of 'Guangzhou Zhijin Colored Porcelain'. It was created in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty and popular in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. It was decorated with ancient colors in the early period and famille-colored in the late period. It is also one of the excellent traditional colored porcelain in my country. New Color, also known as new famille rose, is a kind of literati porcelain painting art since the 20th century. Electric light color is luster color. It is decorated with electric light water as color material. It is a modern craft and has a rainbow-like bright color.
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