Decorative stone lighten the brightening maintenance is introduced

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core tip: stone type curing agent for brightening stone natural and bright stone because of the different varieties, construction technology, the finished product of beautiful degree also each are not identical, some light is gorgeous, some are slightly brightening stone type curing agent for stone natural and bright stone because of the different varieties, construction technology, the finished product of beautiful degree also each are not identical, some light is gorgeous, some are slightly a reward; Some through dyeing processing stone after using for a long time, when dyeing effect will gradually lose, originally bright beautiful appearance will appear bleak. SLATE, rubble stone, mushroom stone, without polishing stone most will appear the above defects, not only affect adornment effect, also because of without polishing processing, surface water imbibition is strong, easy to produce stone disease. Type selection based on the silicone material brightening stone care products to handle such a situation, after processing of stone color, bright and at the same time has the effect of waterproof, anti-fouling and able to maintain a long-term stable stone bright beautiful. At the same time stone tinting treatment is suitable for rough stone ( Such as culture stone) Dumb smooth and rough surface stone fire board, including the SLATE color after processing to enhance and maintain color and texture, can bond on the indoor and outdoor stone material, produce a layer of transparent, matte coating on maximum protection. Rate negotiable. Of stone material to lighten up the luster of the stone processing for strengthening, is used to protect mesa walls, stone material surface processing software cloth after polishing, generates a fixed protection layer, and presents the natural luster. Stone brightener improved stone material surface glossiness 'brightener of stone material surface can be directly to manual brushing, spraying stone material surface treatment and cooperate with mechanical polishing, grinding, construction technology is very simple. 'stone material surface brightener has strong permeability and bonding strength, can be in the crystallization of stone material surface to form a solid layer, the stone material surface gloss, abrasion resistance, antifouling performance is greatly improved. This process is suitable for all kinds of marble mainly calcium carbonate, such as cream-colored, black and white roots. Of course want to large-scale stone material maintenance also need to undertake a variety of ways to deal with. Brightener QuYang stone stone material surface features: 1, make stone material surface has excellent corrosion resistance. 2, object of stone material surface to produce white crystalline can keep the liquid is not literally flow. 3, after processing of stone colors do not change or slight change. Stone material surface brightener construction methods: surface treatment: construction of stone material surface must be clean without water, without stone protective agent, oil and other attached objects, otherwise the effect will be not so ideal. Stone dry: can be used in wet wet stone material surface, but should make surface drying as far as possible in order to achieve the best effect. Specific process: the brightener with plastic bottle or painting on stone material surface, wait about 10 minutes after use clean water to remove; If you want to better can use dry cloth to wipe clean and repeat the above operation. The late maintenance and whitening: with clean water and dry cloth to wipe the surface residual, brush again on curing agent to increase the effect of light. Stone surface brightener construction matters needing attention: 1, construction please bring rubber gloves and masks, splash on the skin to the body and reagents should rinse off with clear water as soon as possible. 2, must be in a well-ventilated place construction, do not use nose to smell the rising mist gas, otherwise will damage the body. Over use of stone curing agent, can let the stone if brightness is new. But in the daily life of stone material maintenance should be paid more attention to, make stone used more for a long time. Often wipe, stone conservation periodically to keep the surface clean and maintain stone material surface is always very like new. Try to avoid acid chemical products direct contact with the stone material surface, lest cause chemical reaction.
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