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by:Ennas      2022-02-14

Communication with customers: the details determine the effect. When new businessmen communicate with customers for the first time, they will inevitably have problems of one kind or another. They always end the entire communication process in tension and disorder. As a result, there are many defects and deficiencies in the communication. As a result, opportunities for cooperation and deeper communication are lost. I think that when communicating with customers, you only need to be in a state of not being humble or overbearing when talking, and you will achieve a good communication effect.    Communication appellation   Customer appellation, for unfamiliar and developing clients, a very formal appellation is definitely needed. For example: Mr. Liu, Manager Zhang, etc., this kind of very formal name can make customers feel his authority and the satisfaction of being recognized. After being familiar with the customer to a certain extent, do you call your brothers more cordial? This cannot be generalized. First of all, it is necessary to separate occasions. If in the client's office or public workplace, it is more appropriate to use a formal title. This is a respect for the client as well as for his surrounding colleagues, because the client does not want others to be brothers and sisters in front of employees or colleagues. It is irrational to negotiate business, which will cause him to have trouble negotiating with personal feelings. As for meetings in private, the name depends on the degree of mutual affection. It also depends on the size of the client’s company and the position of the client. Usually the leaders or managers of large companies have a bureaucratic style. 'Although they have a good relationship with you on the surface, it’s best to use a formal title. Unless they call you brothers and sisters first. , Otherwise, don’t be affectionate. Maybe your feelings are not really familiar to you, and if his strong position in the company is not equal to your position, it is much higher than you. If you have called your relatives, he may be disgusted, and thus Affect your cooperation development. For small companies, especially small private bosses, you are familiar with them and have a better relationship. It will not be a big problem to call them casually. In short, the way sales staff communicate with customers depends on the occasion. , It changes from person to person and from time to time, and it can be used flexibly according to the degree of the relationship between the two parties.  The following are my suggestions on the details that newcomers need to pay attention to when communicating:     Full preparation before communication Sales staff are fully prepared when communicating with customers It will be more comfortable. First of all, the preparation of the dress. When visiting customers, dress appropriately and generously. This is respect for customers and can leave customers with a good first impression. Good image and temperament will give you communication The effect is extra points. On the contrary, if the clothes are not neat and the matching is not appropriate, the customer will feel like a person with no taste. Talking to him will cause contempt and dissatisfaction with you. At this time, even if your tongue is like a tongue, it is difficult to achieve The best communication effect.    The second is the preparation of tools. Tools are materials or items that need to be shown to customers during communication. These must be classified and prepared in advance and displayed in an orderly manner during communication. This will also add points to the communication effect. . The third is the preparation of basic language before communication, such as how to elaborate on key issues, what words to use, what language is easier to communicate with customers of a certain personality, etc. After organizing the language in advance, it is easy to get into battle during communication.      Punctuality Is the first step of communication whether you are punctual or not? It is fatal when you first meet with customers or even communicate in the early stage. Sales staff should generally wait for customers at the agreed place 5-10 minutes in advance to show respect for customers. If you let customers wait for you , Even if you have many objective reasons such as traffic jams, trouble handling, etc., you will leave a bad impression on customers, because many reasons can be avoided in advance, and customers may also change their mood because of your lateness, which affects the enthusiasm of communication. And the effect. When the salesperson is indeed unable to attend the appointment on time, he should call the customer ten minutes ahead of the agreed time and give an explanation.      Details that should be paid attention to in communication 1. Choosing a suitable communication time will make the communication more effective. For example, the customer has just arrived. You need to take care of basic things at work, and you may not have time to communicate with you; customers are about to get off work, and they don’t have much time and energy to communicate with you. Therefore, you should choose the relative free time of customers to communicate, so that the communication effect will be more friendly   2. Understand the customer’s psychological expectations and pay attention to the points of interest in communication. In communication, pay attention to grasping the customer’s points of interest and conduct in-depth communication around the points of interest to mobilize his enthusiasm. At the same time, radiate to the key points you want to talk about.  3. Solve the doubts of customers. When communicating, customers will definitely have doubts of one kind or another. At this time, sales staff should not avoid these problems and should find ways to solve them. Often many salespersons dare not face the doubts of customers and prevaricate with words, so that if they are seen by the customer, they will know that you are not confident enough to solve his doubts, and will not communicate with you in depth, let alone cooperation. . Dare to face the doubts of customers is a serious attitude, even if you can not solve the problem, you can tell the customer to ask the boss before answering.  4. The speech is frustrated and orderly, and the words are clear. When communicating, you should stop and speak properly. You should not be babble like a machine gun and be aggressive, so that customers will not be able to grasp the key information; the speech speed must not be too slow, making customers feel slow to respond. It is best to communicate at a steady speed, so that the key content can be clearly and accurately conveyed to the customer, and the customer has a certain amount of time to think and reflect.   In short, communication must have good etiquette, and sufficient preparations must be made before communication. Pay attention to details such as time and speech speed during communication. Make the communication neither humble nor overbearing, with careful consideration of words, clarity and accuracy, moving people's hearts, and achieving a win-win cooperation!   It is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors such as environment, customer identity and customer relationship, and choose a suitable customer title.
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