Daojiao's major shopping malls increase in sales of food and toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-06
Daojiao Town has always retained the traditional custom of grandmother presenting Mid-Autumn Festival and grandson carrying lanterns. The reporter went to major shopping malls today and learned that with the approach of the festival, many people have begun to select food and toys for the Mid-Autumn Festival for children at home to watch the report.   Today is the first day of the eighth lunar month, and it is also the day when Daojiao Town sends the Mid-Autumn Festival. The reporter learned from the mall sales staff that the sales of food for the Mid-Autumn Festival have been increased.  Mall salesperson: It’s ready to give away the Mid-Autumn Festival. Many elderly and middle-aged people will mainly buy moon cakes and fruits for children.   In the first two weeks of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year, carrying mooncakes, fruits and lanterns to my daughter’s home to deliver the Mid-Autumn Festival is a must-do for the grandmothers in Daojiao Township. Among them, lanterns are a must. The traditional paper lanterns in the mall and the new plastic lanterns also attract people's attention.  Mall salesperson: (What kind of lanterns do most of you choose for Mid-Autumn Festival?) Generally, they buy batteries, because children like them now, because there are songs and lights. (In addition to lanterns, what kind of toys do you choose for Mid-Autumn Festival?) Because it's Mid-Autumn Festival, bicycles are also easier to sell.
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