Dalian figurine art invitational exhibition opening

by:Ennas      2020-06-22
Summary: the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in the party celebrate the party's '19' victory, in 2017 the second dalian figurine art invitational exhibition opening ceremony was held at 10 am on 21. Exhibition by the liaoning province the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in the party celebrate the party's '19' victory, in 2017 the second dalian figurine art invitational exhibition opening ceremony was held at 10 am on 21. Exhibition by the artist association figurine art committee, dalian city, liaoning province Jin Pu new city business bureau, dalian municipal federation, Jin Pu new district federation in dalian, dalian municipal artists association, dalian art gallery host; Dalian Jin Pu district SanShiLiBao streets, small Montenegro macro art sculpture art tribe in dalian to undertake; Lu xun academy of fine arts, dalian university of technology, dalian college of art academy of fine art and architecture, art and design institute, dalian university, dalian university of technology academy of fine arts, liaoning normal university academy of fine arts, dalian university of foreign studies international college of art, art institute of dalian jiaotong university and other colleges and universities in collaboration with the organization. The figurine invitational exhibition is the first since 2015, dalian figurines invitational exhibition held after the second figurine art exhibition. Exhibition by Chinese contemporary famous statuette, lu xun academy of fine arts dean, liaoning artist association, liaoning artists association, vice President of figurines Li Xiangqun professor, honorary chairman, director of the writer collected domestic famous statuette, dalian university figurines professional teachers and young artists such as excellent figurines nearly 80 pieces of art works. Give priority to with frame on small sculpture exhibition, especially emphasizes the academic and professional spirit, attaches great importance to the work of aesthetic value and research-oriented, is dalian figurine artist all-round display at a time. Through this figurine art, designed to increase the cohesion and influence of dalian art activities, provide strong support for the development of regional culture and art, increase the culture, art, in the northeast economic development vigor. On the occasion of the exhibition, at the same time, held a grand opening small Montenegro macro art sculpture art tribe, marked the dalian small black hills scenery tourist area from a single type to landscape culture, art, travel experience, wen gen industry in high-end compound characteristic cultural tourism industry transformation. To build material civilization and spiritual civilization double benefit, art leading industries, and improve the quality of art, art leading new economy pattern. For the realization of the 'beautiful country' and the creation of the national civilized city adds a powerful cultural support. The figurine art invitational exhibition, brought together with dalian university figurines professional teachers is given priority to, and small domestic famous sculptor and budding artists team consisting of young artists. Exhibition to reflect the spirit of the age, shape character for positioning of urban culture, to enhance the dalian area cultural and artistic vitality, result, wen gen art culture tourism industry as the goal. The exhibition to respond to the country about the culture construction of 'four confidence' principle, with excellent figurine art exhibition publicity to express the cultural confidence of ideas, highlights the cultural foundation, cultural essence of socialism with Chinese characteristics and cultural ideas. Figurines exhibition works to present time spirit, Chinese history and culture, people's better life dramas, variety of forms, has the very high artistic level. The artists had done great historical country subject art projects include: lu xun academy of fine arts Li Xiangqun dean hosted a collective work of the central party school large commemorative group 'flag'; Tsinghua university academy of fine arts of the figurines department Li He creator of the Chinese four big mentor; Dalian university of technology institute of art and architecture, Tibet's peaceful liberation monument WenYang creation group 'spring of plateau' guangming road '; The national patriotism education base fengyang all-round responsibility system memorial figurines '18 red handprint'; The Chinese Olympic Games first person statue of liu and other performance melody of revolutionary history, Chinese culture, the spirit of the age. In exhibition work that there is a famous for domestic academic frontier in the figurines home works, such as small statue of lu xun academy of fine arts dean professor BaoHaiNing works 'state of the object' series, head of the department of tsinghua university academy of fine arts professor Li He works of the flesh, breathing, shenyang university academy of fine arts of the figurines department Lin Zhimin works 'arms' and so on all outstanding representative works, there are also small statues in the field of domestic backbone QuYingZuo works such as lu xun academy of fine arts 'glory and dream' series; Guang-yu zhu works 'dream'; Chen gang works 'crossing'; Xiao-mei jiang works 'and'; Denis works 'duke guan give robe gift horse'; Zhang Zheyu works 'revolving around mountains'; Yin Zhixin works 'dancer'; Dalian figurines home li works by 'blue dream'; WenYang works 'liked'; 'Immortal soul - the zhang Dalian anti-japanese set regiment '; Meng Jibing works of fixed law; Li wei works 'mountains'; YanHaiQiang clank iron character of the works '; 'Old boy' Zhang Jiahong works; Zheng Miao works 'woman'; Willian work 'the old man', etc. Exhibition of the author are the representative of the contemporary youth figurines home, such as high the royal, sakuragi, badad, li wei, by tao, room delay army, wang attended, Liu Haian, Jody, Song Shukui, Liu Xinping, Hao Wei, Song Hengyuan, Chen Hesheng, Yu Wei, He Haibo artists' outstanding works. Exhibition of works from the traditional culture, history, life, emotional, and different themes, in various forms and figurines language art of shaping the beauty, the beauty of the culture of our times and expressed the artist to the cultural construction of the sense of responsibility. Exhibition of the success of the benefit from Jin Pu district government and dalian artist association's strong support. This exhibition represents the dalian figurines the overall style of art, and gradually build domestic open exhibition platform, to promote dalian and the strong support of rejuvenating northeast China culture.
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